Thursday, 23 August 2012


Am I alone in being appalled that education grades have been manipulated by an elite few for many years and they are apparently still at it? For years they have ensured that the grades were better than the previous year so that they could claim that their system was 'world class' (this description attributed to Tony Blair).  In reality we all knew that they were faked because the kids actually knew very little.

When they embarrassed themselves by awarding too many 'A' grades they invented the 'A*' grade so that standards could continue to rise. It meant that, regardless of ability, almost every child could qualify for university and commit themselves to a long term debt.  Then of course many of them could not get jobs because not only had the GCSE been devalued but the degrees had also been devalued.  The whole system has been rotten for years and naturally the people who suffered the most were the people being educated.

Now these arrogant elite socialists have meddled again with their own system.  Results could not rise indefinitely so they decided to 'adjust' the bar again and today they announced that they have toughened up the exams so that the results could be fractionally lowered.

Now I applaud that in principle but why did they not announce it beforehand? We have come to the point where nobody can trust the grades announced. We don't now know what they mean. Employers and even universities are often baffled by young people who on paper are intelligent but in practice are frankly pitiful! What the politicians and the governing bodies have achieved is a mistrust in the educational grades that our children achieve.

I don't trust any of them. I would like to trust Education Minister Michael Gove but I can't. If you want to destroy a nation then you attack education because that is the most important aspect of our society. In the fifties it was almost perfect. I passed the eleven plus and went to a grammar school. I was a useless pupil but the education I received has defined my life.  

Even at 58 I was so ahead of the competition that I re-entered the Civil Service! The standard of the entrance test was so simple it was almost laughable. It has since been abandoned so now you know the calibre of the lower level Civil Servants. I bet you knew that already!

The exam governing bodies have a responsibility to sort out the mess that they have created. The politicians also have a responsibility to educate our children properly so that anyone can believe their results. We are a long way off recreating the fifties! Of course if you dumb down education to the extent that most of the public have lost the ability to think logically then you stand a great chance of fooling them to re-elect you! Job done!

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