Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Derby County

Tonight for the fourth year on the trot Derby County (the twelth best supported club in the country) were beaten by a lower league club in the Carling Cup despite being 4-1 up well into the second half! 

They had destroyed Scunthorpe (yes Scunthorpe) and should have been so far ahead at half time that the result would have been a joke. But typically they fell apart at the slightest hint of a challenge. The problem is now becoming psychological. The manager seems to  instil an anxiety into a team which should be good enough to put Derby back on the map...but is it?

The pre-season was a disaster! We could not cope with lower league opposition. A Derby team, packed with promising players, was beaten by Belper Town and the performance was apparently abysmal. Don't ask me what league Belper play in!

Now we are out of the League Cup for the fourth year on the trot to lower league opposition. One day it has to stop. One day the pain of the Derby County fan will cease. However, it is apparent that it will not cease under Nigel Clough and this American Board. 

Cheap is cheap! It is fine to save money but then you have to safeguard your position. Derby County are living on hope. They hope that their academy and their dependency on lower league talent will save the club. Nigel Clough keeps hoping for a McFarland, a Gemmill or a Hector but today in this modern game they have already been snapped up.

Tonight the remaining fans must have been devastated. They will not retain their fan base until something changes.  I am so angry!

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