Friday, 24 August 2012

Anders Breivik is not right Wing!

The left wing media have already labelled Anders Breivik as a right winger even though he is clearly a nutter. He committed an unbelievable act of atrocity and no matter his reasons what he did was unbelievable!

The problem is that he had a cause. He could see that his Norway was being changed by a tidal wave of immigration. Hell we have all seen that and none more so than the UK. I could be termed a right winger (and some) but could I commit an atrocity like Breivik committed. Well hardly!

The Norwegian socialists had commandeered an idyllic island to 'educate' some of their most prominent young people into their political doctrine. Breivik clearly knew that. He targeted that island because he knew what was happening.

The left wing of the political spectrum are guilty of so much. They have corrupted the education and industry of the UK and somehow we nationalists will have to find a retaliation. I know that we have the support of the majority of the people but we just have to find the politicians to harness it!

Anders Breivik should not tarnish nationalism. What is done has been done. We cannot turn the clock back. We must now work to convert the incomers into the British way of life. Most of them came here because that is what they wanted. In the end they may be the people who will defend democracy because we Brits have not done it.

Democracy in the UK is dead in the water. The incomers may produce the leader that the country needs! It is about time but please don't call them Vaz or Khan or Patel because they have already had their chance!


Anonymous said...


How can you make incomers (non white) to accept a British way of life?

Firstly the British way of life is the collective cultures of Britain, solely belonging to the indigenous peoples there. Therefore how can an alien of another culture be expected/forced to accept another culture over his/her own, especially when they have no ancestral connections to it?

Secondly, those 'newcomers' would automatically bring their culture with them. In doing so, by adding to the indigenous culture here you will effectively kill the indigenous culture. People have this belief that cultures 'evolve' by mixing with other cultures. What this is is the effective promotion of globalism (multiculturalism) which deceives by stating multiculturalism saves indigenous cultures when it infact murders them. Take a plate of chicken soup, add some oxtail, tomato, minestrone, mushroom and bouillabaise and you no longer have anything remotely looking and tasting like chicken soup.

Anders Breivik saw these teenagers as the indoctrinated generation who posed a threat to the indigenous peoples and culture of Norway. In doing what he did, he acted NO differently to a William Wallace, a Boudica, a Joan of Arc and an El Cid. These peoples defended their lands from invaders who wished to control them by enforcing their culture upon them, destroying theirs in the process.

The left wing promote cultural Marxism and do so in order to break apart indigenous cultures. Do I condone what Breivik did no......and yes. In fact those who support the aforementioned list of national heroes must also support Breivik, for in not doing so they would be hypocrites. All these 'heroes' killed in cold blood to protect their lands just as Breivik has done. Breivik took out the wrong targets in my opinion. He should have aimed his sights on the puppetteers, not the puppets. These children could have their beliefs swayed through education, the same education that inoctrinated them into socialist leaning in the first place.

Lastly what concerns me about all of this is Breivik's rampant support of Israel, when he's ignorant to the fact that the multiculturalisation of not just Norway, but the whole of the west is a 100% Jewish agenda. Watch the following link:

Bryboy, what is the need in having countries when its inhabitants are a mix of all nations? This effectively kills difference between nations, the very agenda of the totalitarean, one world government promoting elites! The aforementioned list of heroes were Nationalists. One who calls themself a nationalist and believes in the migration of alien peoples into their land is not a nationalist. On saying that I think there is no wrong in having a maximum percentage of 2% of non European peoples within Europe's land as long as they don't threaten indigenous way of life.

I believe 100% in the protection of indigenous peoples and their respective cultures ALL OVER THIS WORLD. In fact so do the UN. The promotion of migration and multiculturalism is contrary to the UN's charter on Indigenous peoples.



Anonymous said...


In writing the above where I stated I don't and do condone Breivik for his actions, I disagree on his targets but understand his reasons for doing so. Breivik saw them as a threat but to whom? If he did what he did to protect his nation then all nationalists have to agree in his concern even though his actions are not to be condoned. The spilling of innocent blood cannot be condoned.

If however Breivik killed them because he saw them as a threat towards Israel, then he is most certainly no national. It was known that the group he attacked had previously held demonstrations atacking Israel's occupation of Palestine and sought to stop Norwegian aid to Israel and all other support. Is Breivik actually a Zionist and an Israel sympathiser? Yes, he is. Therefore, he is actually far more of a threat to his nation than he knows.

As colonisation of European lands continue, expect more Breivik scenarios. Also expect the same in Africa with blacks towards Chinese.
In the past we protected our lands from invasion. Today invasion has been legalised - immigration. Not only that the biggest crime statistic is black on black gun crime then black on white. What's worse is that the black population of the UK is around 4-5% This means, when looking at crime statistics, although blacks make up the minority, they are far more likely to commit crime.

Ghettos are created when minorities group together. Crime is high in these areas and whites are always blamed even though not remotely responsible. This is what migration brings to lands - devastation. Now while ALL migrants do not commit crimes, a large majority of youths do. Afro-Caribbean youths are far more likely to go into gangs and fail badly at school. When one realises also that the overwhelming majority of non whites live in the city, one should understand how unnatural cities are not forgetting promoting far unhealthier lifestyles for the majority of its inhabitants.

While I veered off on a slight tangent it was important as it showed the negative side of migration, relative to the topic. The demolition of indigenous peoples and their respective cultures is 100% instrumental in the agenda of the NWO. It must therefore be stopped.



bryboy said...

Firstly tks for reappearing...I soon realised that I had done you an injustice. Harbinger you think so much more deeply that the average man that forgive us all but it is sometimes difficult to keep up with you.

You do go on a bit and that is not a criticism. It means that we must learn to digest your comments (advice). You see I agree with you that Breivik had conviction but should not have done what he did. The families that grieved for their kids would never understand what Breivik was all about (neither would I}.

I know Muslims, Sikhs, Russians, Hindus and Rumanians who are delighted to be here. They are sometimes more militant than my indigenous mates. They really want to protect the British brand because they know other cultures!

The people that I know love being British. One couple have a rising tennis daughter and they cannot wait for her to play for Britain. They are lovely people and Harbinger we cannot turn the clock back. Perhaps we should learn to manage what we have got!

Anonymous said...


No apologies are necessary but thank you.
And yes I do write lengthy replies but prefer to explain fully so as not to miss anything.

I have no doubt that there are people, not indigenous who want to protect the 'British brand' but Bryboy in doing so, not only do they ironically destroy what they love even more, the Britain they love becomes more and more of a USA everyday, that multicultural hell hole west of here with growing race problems daily. Moreso the African, Asian, Far Eastern and Polynesians have their ancestral lands to go back to. The european American's don't as they are turning more and more multicultural and multiracial by the hour.

Britain to alien peoples is like Brigadoon, the village that appears once every 100 years in the Scottish highlands. Alien peoples want to come here because of our history and way of life not realising they're killing it by coming. The more people come to the UK a year disappears from Brigadoon's appearance gap until the magic disappears altogether and it becomes another 'new town'.

No we can't turn the clocks back which is sad because then it means our already almost gone cultures will disappear for good. When this happens Bryboy the UK will no longer exist. I don't think people realise this. A Scotsman is not a man just born in Scotland, but one of Scot's ancestry (celtic tribe) who lives by his indigenous culture. It means the overwhelming number of people living in Scotland are not in fact Scots but globalists. I can use the same analogies with England, Wales and Ireland.

People don't want to offend and will happily watch what defines them be destroyed. The white race is the only race committing suicide.
Your friends are no doubt very nice but if they truly respected our land and culture they would't be living here, trying to be something they'll never be - British. A nationalist knows this and he shows the same respect to alien peoples and their cultures. When I go on holiday I immerse myself in their culture, eat and drink their produce, attempt to speak their language but know not to overstay my welcome. It is their land, their culture, their traditions and their peoples, most certainly not, nor ever will be mine.
Like my analogy in my first reply, it's a case of do you want that unique plate of chicken or the hodge podge of all in one bowl?

I merely explain the situation. The majority of UK indigenous peoples are completely lost and they are about to become the 22nd century's native Americans and lose all. There is no grey in this argument (apart from mixed race) for everything is really black or white (no pun intended). Like I said, my respect for other cultures is to know when to not overstay my welcome. I wish others thought the same but then 'respect' is merely a word in a rapidly becoming obsolete dictionary.



bryboy said...

Oh dear Harbinger that deserves a reply but it is too late. Welcome back so pleased to see you here again.