Wednesday, 22 August 2012

HOME economics!

I see that they are all back. The euphoria of the Olympics will soon evaporate once the 'Political Class' begin to appear on our screens once again. Surprise, surprise today we had some young, photogenic females lecturing us all on why the economy is nosediving into the dirt! As if we didn't know...the problem is that they don't know because they have accepted the basic principle that we can borrow unlimited amounts just to keep them in power.

None of our political parties have grasped the basics that borrowing money cannot  raise the country out of the mire. If the taxes that the government collect, which are gargantuan, cannot meet the bills then the bills must be reduced. We can no longer afford the ambitions of our politicians.

It is no good parading Chloe Smith (apparently a Treasury Minister) on the TV screens claiming that we have no other options than to continue on the path to disaster. We do have options it is just that they cannot bear to  use them. To start with we cannot afford our contributions to the European Union. We are hemorrhaging almost £50 million a day on this undemocratic disaster which gives us, the British public, very little. It does prop up all the quangos which enforce European Law but we could do without it.

Then we have Foreign Aid which I have often posted is a national scandal. We are somehow committed to foreign aid for so many countries. I believe that it is a bribe to retain a foothold on world power.  It should be slashed at a stroke so that only emergency aid is considered.

I believe that these two expenditures would probably put us well into the black. If we refused to cooperate with the EU and denied the African and Asian communities of their kick backs the British people would have a wonderful life! We could afford anything. We could afford excellent schools and more importantly care for the elderly. Nothing would be unaffordable so ...and here is the big question...why are our politicians so keen to deny the public by misusing our tax revenue?

The answer is that the politicians who inhabit Westmonster are by and large paid to deny the British people of a decent standard of living. They are all in the same club. That is why we never hear common sense politics. That is why they will not give us a referendum on the EU. That is why David Cameron 'ringfenced' international aid as a priority!

If you believe that the British economy is on a downward spiral then you should not be surprised. The British people are working harder than any other country to afford their life style. We could, at a stroke, repair our economy but the politicians have their little game to play out. They all appear on TV with gravitas but none of them will even consider basic home economics! It is a very unfunny joke! 

Yesterday evening they were arguing on Newsnight that we cannot pay our bills and that the state is too large! Bloody hell of course the State is too large! The Welfare Bill is enormous but that welfare bill has been created by a government of all the parties...that encouraged young, uneducated, girls to have babies just to improve their social status and young, fit, men to receive money and then stay at home and not apply for jobs. None of the political parties have ever managed to turn the clock back even though the public disagree with them. If we ever want to change any of this then we will have to change our politicians.

If we don't change our politicians our lives will always continue along the same lines. It is up to us and if we don't then we only have ourselves to blame.  It would be nice to have a government with a sense of decency and a basic knowledge of home economics.

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