Thursday, 30 August 2012

UFO's and all That!

The subject of UFO's has always been contentious. Personally I cannot believe logically that we here on Earth are the only life form in the whole universe. There have been countless sightings by reliable witnesses of what could be termed UFO's.

It would appear that most of these sightings have been silenced by governments and anyone even challenging the perception that there could be UFO's are labelled eccentric.

Over the years there have even been doubts about the validity of the moon landings in 1969. The pictures shown to us were dissected and criticised because something was not quite right. This week Neil Armstrong passed away. He rarely appeared in public.

I have often wondered why the exploration of space has not been more advanced. We did this over 40 years ago and yet there has been little progress. Why?

Now someone has advanced a theory that rings a bell. Whatever else it is an interesting take on an absorbing subject. There is little doubt that the subject of UFO's has been made taboo. My one question is why would the government of the United States want to deny the honesty of the moon landings...if they did?  What are they attempting to cover up...if they are?

It is similar to the Obama birthright issues. The United States appears to be ruled by BIG government. There are too many instances of suspicious deaths and dodgy dealing. The track record of the American Political Class is, on the surface, not very attractive.

Having said that the presence on the electoral stage of Mrs Romney was very attractive. What a trooper she became with one speech! I think that this lady won Mitt Romney the presidency but it won't change anything because America long since lost any semblance of democracy. I wonder what Buzz Aldrin thinks of it all? 


Anonymous said...


There was no moon landing. It was fake. Why? There are many theories. My one is quite a simple one in that the 'space program' would be used to acquire funding from America's labour through taxation. Part of this funding would make it into the pockets of wealthy elites, part into the military industrial complex and the rest into working on an assortment of projects including Blue Beam. Think of the moon landings as like an American winning gold at the Olympics. Everyone's happy that America won so no one complains when more money is taken for the American Athletic foundation.

Are there aliens? I don't know. The universe is mindboggingly huge with millions of galaxies so one would assume there must be. I always liked Ray Bradbury's idea of aliens living on different sight frequencies. Who knows. I'll leave you two links.

As for the next American president, he's already been chosen. The republicans, Democrats and independents are controlled. The CFR chooses them long beforehand.



bryboy said...

Tka for the steers. Project Blue Beam is a first for me. I thought that kind of stuff was confined to Hollywood in films that would normally never interest me! Scary stuff indeed. I am begiining to understand why some of us frustrate you...we might catch up one day. Regards,BB