Thursday, 16 August 2012

Julian Assange

I have no brief on the case of Julian Assange but my gut instinct is that he is fighting the New World Order almost single handed. He founded Wikileaks which of course is regarded by the NWO as the highest form of treason. Anyone who takes on the powers that be (TPTB) realise that the freedom of speech and the freedom of activity is becoming increasingly rare.

Way back a year last February about 800 people gathered at Birkenhead to support a certain Roger Hayes who months later was arrested and tried in a court which was apparently not listed in the normal manner.

I always get twitchy when I see William Hague on television spouting for his masters. He, like most of the Cabinet, are acting not in the best interests of the country but in the best interests of a corporatocracy that has little to do with we the public.

We, the public, have just been granted an extraordinary fortnight at the Olympics when the EU flag has been absent and we have 'been allowed' to support the Union Jack. The British Public have come forward with an unprecedented display of national unity which illustrates just why we will never get a referendum on membership of the EU.  

We don't want their euro, we don't want their silly flag and we would totally reject their artificial proposals for anything in the future.  The Olympic fortnight must have convinced our politicians that they are on a hiding to nothing. Clearly our democracy and our parliament have been subverted by people who care not one jot for the people that they represent. They have all been outed by Olympic fever.

The British people have made their choice. We support the Union Jack! The Cameron/Clegg/Miliband/Salmond bandwagon was destroyed as gold medal after gold medal was shrieked home by ecstatic crowds (in the cheap seats of course). We have had a rest from politics and what a wonderful time we have had. In September these oppressive bastards arrive back. Have we missed them?

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