Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Nick Clegg in his True Colours!

While the rest of the nation has been gripped by our medal rush at the Olympics Nick Clegg has been demonstrating his contempt for his own country. At a time when we are rejoicing at the magnificent performances of our leading athletes he is consumed by a political hatred.  He is proving what I instinctively thought about him. He does not bat for Britain.

His political timing has been destroyed by his all consuming rage that he can't take another step towards constitutional destruction. At this very moment who gives a tuppenny damn about House of Lords reform or boundary changes? The country is in a state of euphoria which only someone totally disconnected from the public would fail to understand.

Nick Clegg is a dyed in the wool europhile. He is so steeped in back door politics that he clearly will never understand our national pride at the achievements of our athletes. He can jump up and down all he likes because while he is trying to ruin the country the rest of us are enjoying a rare moment of national unity. Nick Clegg has made himself irrelevant.

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