Friday, 17 August 2012

The By Election at Corby

Margot Parker UKIP candidate for Corby
The resignation of Tory glamour girl Louise Mensch has possibly created the most interesting by election for some considerable time.

The result in 2010 was a gain by the Conservatives from Labour by a mere 1,951 votes.  The turnout was almost 70% and a Labour minister, Phil Hope, lost his seat. This appears to mean that the people of Corby are politically aware and that at the last election they were well brassed off with Gordon Brown and the Labour Party.

There is a good chance that many of them are previous Labour supporters who may use the defection of Ms Mensch (nee Bagshawe) to a family life in America to return to the fold and forget the damage done by the Labour politicians prior to the last election. They should remember however that this Labour front bench of people educated at posh schools are very different from the politicians that their parents and grandparents voted for.

The Conservatives seem to believe that they will not be able to retain the seat as the current Coalition is not proving successful and the Lib Dems may also have a candidate so what do the good citizens of Corby do? Like most of the country they have swung between the three main parties and nothing has changed. Corby is a working class town. Many of the people are descendants from hard working Scots who came south to work in the steel industry.  They like straight talking.

Since the last election another candidate has emerged from UKIP. Her name is Margot Parker who is a local business woman. Her policies reflect what most of us want and she is from Corby and the very environment that I have already described.

The voters from Corby have the very best chance to shout at our politicians that they are not happy. They have tried all the other main parties and look what they got? It is a by-election so it is an opportunity to put Corby on the map and vote UKIP! If she is no good then she can go in 2015 but what a chance to cause an absolute furore!

UKIP seem to think that she has a chance because they are gearing up for a massive push. If they don't make a splash here then I doubt if they ever will so I just hope that the people from Corby will think long and hard before voting for the same old tired cliche ridden parties who never succeed in anything apart from failure.

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