Monday, 20 August 2012

The State of the States!

For some time now I have been receiving 'trending' themes from the 'Beforeit'sNews' website many of which are disturbing. Of course from this side of the pond and without any local insight it is difficult to judge the accuracy or even the integrity of the articles. However there are so many that they are difficult to ignore.

To summarise there are many people who are predicting the collapse of the American economy. I don't just mean a little collapse I mean people fighting on the streets for food! Now if you like me have visited the touristy attractions and seen the opulence of American hotels and lifestyle then this is very difficult to believe.

Then there is a continuing theme that President Obama is plotting to introduce martial law to halt the next election so that he can remain in power. This has been an ongoing theme for some months now.  These conspiracy theorists are predicting some kind of government created catastrophe similar to 9/11.

They predict that the people will be so angry that they will pour out onto the streets which is when Obama will play his trump card...wait for it...Russian Special Services troops! I know it is fantasy land because it could not happen but when one reads report after report then you do begin to wonder what is afoot.

It doesn't stop there! There is speculation that the Russian troops are in the country because nobody could guarantee that American servicemen would fire at their own countrymen when the mega disaster occurs.

This is a strange philosophy to me. I cannot get my head around any of it. The United States is a huge country, a massive land mass containing millions of people who live by a united code of conduct. I cannot believe how anyone can import a sufficient number of troops' Spetznas' or whatever, that could contain a public if that public were desperate.

So I contest the claims emanating out of the States but then I was the guy who posed the question 'what happens if Gordon Brown is wrong'?  Too many people are forecasting that President Obama is hell bent on ruining his nation. Somewhere there has to be a warning to the American public but for the life of me I cannot see Mitt Romney as the answer! If anything kicks off in September then you heard it here first but then what do I know? 

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