Monday, 6 August 2012

What a Wonderful Show!

Like most people I have been caught up in our Olympic Show. It is amazing that once the politicians had to butt out then Great Britain emerged in all its glory.  I have never seen such a show of national spirit. It is almost as if the people decided to show the politicians that despite their efforts to ruin the country we are all still here and we will still sing the National Anthem and you can stick the EU up your proverbial.

The people have spoken during these games and the competitors have responded. The commissars of the EU must be frowning.  They must wonder what they have to do to crush this spirit but then Hitler thought that too.

I have been amazed and I admit that my doubts have been unfounded. Once again this magnificent nation has risen to the occasion. The rest of the world rejected our Games so the people came out and stuffed them. In my opinion these Games could change the face of the nation. 

Our wonderful lads and lasses have proven that the lack of competitive sport in schools was a tragic error. The selling off of school playing fields was a tragic error. Failing to allow our kids to compete was a tragic error. More than one generation of bought and paid for politicians have been brought to their knees by gold medal after gold medal.

They try to justify their bias by reminding us that the father of Jess Ennis was originally Jamaican not that she is a Sheffield lass produced by this country. Mo Farah is held up as an example of incomer success and of course he is and he was brilliant... like many others. us a favour...look at the rowing and the cyclists! Do we have to apologise to be white, British and successful?

The big loser is football. Once again the overpaid, uncouth, louts failed at the simplest of tasks...taking a penalty. Captained by a proven marriage cheat and led by an over age violent, over tattooed, psychopath, they fell to South Korea because they could not master the basic skill of taking a penalty.

The player that failed, Daniel Sturridge, is paid an absolute fortune by Chelsea, compared to many of the people who won medals and did not not wilt under pressure. He had to convert one penalty (in a qualification tournament) and yet Peter Wilson in the clay pigeon shooting had to hit both targets to win a gold medal.

I have despaired for my country for five years now and suddenly we have been reborn. Suddenly we did not have to rely on the EU and their judges and our shocking politicians. Suddenly the British people rose up and bit the bum of the people who thought that they could sell us to the New World Order! I am really emotional. These Olympics, despite the efforts of the politicians, have been claimed by the people. I never thought that I would see it happen.

It is perfect!

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The Travelling Toper said...

I'm beginning to feel the same way myself.