Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Prince Harry!

I am no supporter of the Royal Family because frankly I believe that, in a democracy, no family deserves such privilege  and reverence. Prince Harry is being portrayed across the internet as someone with absolutely no judgement.  My wife disagrees.

In my opinion he has followed a long tradition of family failure. We should not have one family who are above suspicion. It is, in this modern world, out of context with democracy. When people like Oliver Cromwell (what a hero) was challenging the Royal Family then he was trying to establish a code of conduct for the people.

When somebody like Prince Harry with all his security and privacy allows a demeaning sequence of photographs to be aired in public then I am sorry but I have no sympathy. What a prat! 

But then he is the son of a philanderer and a mother who took lovers and it is all in open source. His brother however knows what is expected of him and so far complies as does his wife. That is admirable considering the temptations open to them. Wills and Kate know their position. 

The main players seem to be above criticism but the underlings are not worth the public purse. Sorry Ma'am but they should be on their own and Harry has just confirmed it!  These photos appear to be the result of inefficiency rather than desire...the tarts in Las Vegas are well aware of the pulling power of Harry but what were his security staff doing?

However, really must be difficult when your raison d'etre is compromised (!) He has let everyone down because he is an indulged pretty boy!

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