Monday, 13 August 2012

Now That it is all Over!

I think many of us are sitting down and reflecting about the London Olympic Games now that it is all over. One only has to sit down and mull over my posts prior to the Games to realise that I was highly sceptical about the ability of this country to succeed in coordinating such a large venture. I don't think that I was alone either.

We have to give credit to the planners, the architects and the builders who got all the new buildings up and in place well on time. Clearly with our record haul of medals the athletes and coaches also played their part and the British public were magnificent. 

I make no apology that I did not like the hawking of the Olympic torch around the country and allowing people of all creeds to run a few hundred yards with one of the thousands of torches manufactured for the job. The public however, turned out for it so perhaps I was wrong. We have not yet seen the bill for this publicity exercise but with all the police cover it will not have come cheap.

The drawbacks have all centred on the performance of the politicians and the greed of the entrepreneurs. The ticket selling fiasco which was highlighted by rows and rows of empty premium placed seats was always going to be a disaster. The price hikes by London hotels for accommodation coupled with the ridiculous prices for food and drink and the restrictions placed on the public bringing in their own food was also a public relations disaster.

The hiring of G4S was also a political gaffe of such magnitude I am surprised nobody seems to have paid a political price. Who hired them? Who is involved with that company in the background? How many palms were greased? Why did they think that we needed 25,000 security operators when we already had thousands of unpaid, friendly volunteers? Why were the army not used in the first place? A lot of money was wasted but was the real reason that the politicians did not want the army rubbing shoulders with the public?

Servicemen in uniform are rarely seen on the streets today because the service people have been told that it is unwise to advertise that you serve the country. At long last the government had to let them loose in public and apparently the people came forward in droves to thank them. of course they did because this is Britain not East Germany...yet.

Prior to the Games they placed, in a blaze of publicity, surface to air missiles on the roofs of private residential buildings. Why did they do that? They did it to scare you. It certainly scared the foreign visitors because London was 'deserted' for the best part of 2 weeks. However, once the British people realised that the London underground could cope, that there WERE tickets to be had and that we were capable of picking up medals they responded like they always have.

For two weeks now we have seen a remarkable renaissance of the British spirit and national pride. It must have been like a kick in the crutch to the political 'traitors' who would sell us out to unelected commissars at the drop of a hat. The British people have suddenly realised that we really have nothing to fear. Where were the Muslim terrorists? We are shackled to 'Security Experts' and 'Health and Safety' moguls because they want you to live in fear. 

If we have not got a threat they will invent one. Now we know that the British public can actually move around freely and that our national unity is still in tact. We don't need the European Union, we don't need idiotic 'Elf and Safety' rules and as long as our national security services are effective then we should be safe. A few highly visible police on the streets would also mean that our kids could also play outdoors.  It now appears that we probably have more to fear from the Political Class and their masters than from anyone else!

There will be more on this.


Anonymous said...

While 'people' tried to see how far they could run, hop, skip and jump, our 'special' forces were aiding the Syrian rebels in civil war. The Olympics was a convenient smokescreen.

I call, what you call British athletes, 'people' because that's what they are. THERE IS NO BRITISH PEOPLE OR NATION.
The government conveniently pulls out the flag of nationalism and patriotism when it suits their agenda and are aided by their MSM allies who ofcourse whip up public fervour. And the usual 'British classics' are pulled from history's vaults to fool the public yet again.

I saw the Olympics for what it was - bread and circuses. I laughed when people told me how spectacular the opening ceremony was, keeping the obvious lucifarian symbolism to myself. Mustn't scare the sheeple now.

It's far more important that a somebody, 99% of the population have never heard of, wins in a sport, 99% of the population don't even partake in, than the understanding of what's really going on in this world - the lies, the corruption, the Zionist wars, the theft from the public by the bankers, the continuation of Agenda 21, the promotion of 'frankenfoods', the deadly vaccinations, water fluoridation......and of course the march of the NWO and their police planet tyranny.

You see Victor, I can't switch off and take a break from reality (most definitely not saying the public does as it hasn't a clue) because it's not possible. I'm sure Ussain Bolt winning three gold medals is important to Ussain, friends and family (and those idiots who feel they know him because he's a celebrity) but when I think of his achievements and compare it to the fact our goverment is complicit in the murder of Syrians including rebels killing families in front of little boys and then hanging them, through tax payers money, the Olympics becomes nothing more than a word.

Once this country allowed multi cultures the freedom to invade this land, it allowed the death of its own identity. There is no English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish culture. All there is is a group mentalit culture called globalism. People are unable to see this because of propaganda, such as the Olympics. In fact this laughable situation, the controlling of the public comes straight from the last pages of 1984 when O'Brien asks Smith how many fingers he's holding up. Unlike Smith's torture, the citizens of the UK only need to be told because they're unable to think critically or form their own opinions.

Lastly, this land is filled with Blacks, whites and Asians. In fact all western lands are (with all others a tiny white population). They train their athletes with foreign coaches, using alien strategies in order to obtain victory. Therefore where does any nationalism come into it. "But these athletes were born in Britain...." I hear people say, to which I reply "And how many Black, white or non indigenous Asians did China field in the games? How many non Chinese coaches does China have?"
China is a communist state but is the only land that protects its culture albeit through draconian measures. They have an identity. We don't.

Anonymous said...

I will continue by saying the people are drones, unable to see that a nation is the collective culture and traditions of the indigenous people whom reside there.

One of the masterminds of the NWO, the School of Frankfurt's Theodore Adorno, openly admitted that race, culture and indigenous peoples are unique. No one is the same. It was this, he said, that had to be destroyed in order to create a globalist society, for this is what separates them from all others and gives them their individuality and rampant proection of 'the family'.

And of course, something had to be done to attack those who saw the the malicious plan of indigenous and cultural cleansing. This 'something' was the creation of social pariahs, through usage of liberal slur words, hate speech and of course race laws. Oh how easy people have thrown away what makes them unique, smashing apart their foundations, ignorant to obvious outcome, all in order to 'not offend'.

One of the greatest crimes against humanity was importing people with no connection to that land, its people and culture. Believing that they could become part of that land, adopting a culture and throwing away their own, always has only one inevitable outcome.

And the laughable thing is the people are oblivious as to why the homogenous-isation, by the elites is such an integral part of the whole agenda. A people with no culture, no tradition, no identity are drones and nothing more. There to serve a separate race of individuals who do. It is the creation of a two race world - the masters and the slaves.

NewsboyCap said...


As you well know I agree with almost everything you say, and it is great to see you 'commenting' again.
Can't fault a word you say in this and earlier comments on this Blog.

I have been reading up on many of the things you speak off, I gained an understanding of where all these things have come from, where they are going,I think, but I dare not contemplate the ending.
I only hope that people will wake and educate themselves and turn back the tide, otherwise it's violence on an unprecedented scale and Serfdom for the few remaining souls.

bryboy said...

Anonymous I think that Newsboyscap has blown your cover but welcome back. I made an error of judgement and I apologise. You see that you are way out in front of the ballgame and I have just tipped my toe into the murky waters. The public in general cannot understand what is happening. It is too clever and too cunning. I see this blog as a mediator between you, who has travelled down the path towards the truth, and me who is trying gently to warn my friends that all is not right with the world. We ARE on the same side but we approach things differently. If Newsboyscap is correct then perhaps you should adopt a doom laden title. Oh and by the way Victor is my brother I am Bry!!!