Wednesday, 29 August 2012


We seem to have had a very pleasant time since the politicians disappeared from the scene. So much so that it has been difficult to grumble about much. I am getting withdrawal symptoms!  Then today an article caught my eye which speculated that David Cameron was disappearing down the same road of mediocrity that most of his predecessors had travelled.

It made me think. I agreed with the article that only two of our post war Prime Ministers, Clement Attlee and Margaret Thatcher had imposed themselves on the position. Attlee of course had to rebuild the country after the Second World War and introduced a huge number of radical bills. Not least the NHS and also the nationalisation of transport and utilities. 

You see Attlee was a true socialist. He batted for Britain and the people. He would never have allowed the privatisation of services which the public rely upon so that share holders can profit. Water falls free from the sky and yet we pay through the nose for a service that the government should provide.

The only other post war PM who made her mark was Margaret Thatcher. She took over from Edward Heath, who I believe history will reveal, did not bat for Britain. His tenure in office almost brought the country to a halt! The unions at that time dominated our lives and none more so than the National Union of Miners and Arthur Scargill.

Maggie took them on and defeated them soundly. At the time it was not pretty as the mining communities suffered hugely because they were poorly advised. I remember it clearly because I was a soldier and it was the first time that I rejected my socialist upbringing. We also had policemen billeted in our military gymnasium in triple tiered bunks earning huge sums of bonus!

Since then what have we had? Poodles! Margaret Thatcher was the last PM to truly lead this country. She had at her disposal a strong military presence and used it when the Falklands ownership came under dispute. I cannot think of another subsequent PM who would have had the courage to do what she did.

After Maggie look at them. The EU took control and has neutered every subsequent PM. None of them have actually batted for Britain. Think about it! Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron...two so called Socialists and two so called Tories and nothing has changed for the people in the street for almost twenty years.

We all know that we are being ripped off at every turn. Fuel prices, travel prices and utility prices all continue to rise at above inflation rates. This government does nothing about it! They are not even trying to support the public. They just allow everything to rise and do nothing to help the hard pressed public.

They have allowed the bankers a clear run at opportunism and greed. They never do anything to threaten them. The Bank of England is reduced to printing money to support the economy. They received their lessons from Robert Mugabe. Nothing changes and it does not matter which of our major parties is in power. We need a Clement Attlee, a PM with conviction and integrity, to change the culture of this country.

I am sick of seeing two ex public schoolboys enjoying their weekly debating session every Wednesday lunchtime and nothing changing. It is a very sick joke and for most of us it is not very funny. The country needs a change of direction. We need leadership and we now know that it will not come from David Cameron. We also know that it won't come from Ed Miliband or Nick Clegg.

So if I was a citizen of Corby facing a major by-election what choice have I got? I understand that the Tories are so desperate that Andrew Strauss is being considered as a candidate! What next Jessica Ennis to oppose Nick Clegg in Sheffield? The Political Class don't you just despise them?

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