Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Common Purpose and Money!

I see that Lord Patten was today quizzed by a Select Committee and got a bit shirty.  I really am not surprised because Chris Patten has probably got a lot to worry about. On my recent cruise I read the Alan Clark book which I hated.  Alan Clark was everything that I despise in a human being but he hated Chris Patten claiming that he was nakedly ambitious. He called him a p***k and he was probably right!

Lord Patten is apparently a paid up member of Common Purpose but then he would be wouldn't he?  He was named in a recent Daily Mail exposure of Common Purpose and of course I am therefore not surprised that he allowed the former Head of the BBC George Entwhistle to walk off with a huge pay off.  A reward for failure.

This is of course how they operate. Have you noticed how all the disciples of  of the EU and Common Purpose are actually hosed with money that they have not earned? It is actually naked bribery. In every area that Common Purpose has invaded, salaries have gone through the roof!  It doesn't matter if it is Local Government, the Police, the European Union, the BBC or Westmonster they all survive on public money and none of them appear to be accountable. Whatever happened to District Audit?

Every one of them have their snouts in the trough. So where do we go from here? I notice that Nigel Farage refuses to have anything to do with David Cameron.  There is a reason for that. David Cameron leads a divided party (probably the only thing that young Miliband has got right) but more importantly his loyalty is not actually to the UK.  He is a europhile trying to con the British public into maintaining membership of the EU.

David Cameron is part of the 'club'.  He was elected as leader of the  Conservative party to stop David Davis who is a conservative.  He has his loyalties but they are not 'our' loyalties. That is why he fitted snugly into the Coalition with a Liberal who is actually a Socialist. He is conning the country and Nigel Farage knows it.

David Cameron is happy to support the inflation of living standards which only support the supporters of Common Purpose.  The more that we pay for public services the more the salaries will increase.  He talks austerity but the only people who suffer are the general public.

Nigel Farage inherently knows that he cannot trust David Cameron.  He clearly wants a man at the head of the Conservative party that he can trust (Michael Gove).  UKIP is growing and will be the death  of Cameron's false conservatism.  In the end the public always win. It usually takes time (far too much time) but in the end the fraudsters lose. Lord Patten may think that he is a winner (he probably has won) but his legacy may eventually rival so many other BBC 'legends' like Jimmy!

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