Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Modernisers against Patriots

I have banged on loudly about the campaign of the people who describe themselves as 'modernisers' but who, in effect, are trying to bring the country to its knees. Their goal is to tear down the fabric of everything that we 'oldies' believe is the ethos of the country which binds us all together. They are attacking our beliefs and our life style which has served us so well for do many centuries.

So let me examine their success and they certainly have succeeded! After this attack on our society, family trees will be almost certainly become extinct apart from those patriots who have instilled decency in their children. Believe me, in years to come cousins will marry cousins without the slightest idea that it should not happen. Hell brothers could even marry sisters and not know it.  Copulation reigns OK?

The female bishop row is an example of the modernisation plan in full flow. They have brainwashed the female brigade to believe that they can do anything and have it all. How foolish is that? Very few are super people and the rest of us just have to cope but many women believed the propaganda and have suffered as a result. If women get it all then someone will suffer in exactly the same way as if men try to have it all. Common sense rules OK?

The BBC has been at the forefront of modernisation. Their whole staff preach 'diversity' and 'political correctness' so that this influence reaches far and wide. Then along comes Jimmy Savile who it would appear was encouraged by the BBC and protected for decades despite a life style that disgusts most of us. 

In every living room in the UK the public disagree with what is happening. We hate the absence of British humour, we hate the mass immigration that has turned many of our inner city areas into alien civilisations (Leicester). We hate the absence of the police supporting the public. We hate that some of our doctors do not understand our concerns and they do not even speak our language.

I could go on and on but the bottom line is that the 'modernisers' led by Cameron/Clegg/Miliband are leading us down a path which we, the people, do not want to go! So what happens? What happens is that people stop voting. We have just seen it with the recent Police Commissioner elections but that is what they want. If you do not vote, if you do not support anyone then the major parties will always win.

They were delighted with the turnout. There are no rules which discriminate on turnout. If seven people voted and a major party won they would rejoice. Not voting is not an option. FFS vote against them!  Corby had the ideal opportunity to create a precedence and they bottled it... Shmucks! Sorry that means bloody idiots! They had a chance to vote UKIP and they voted for a party which totally wrecked the economy of their country. You prats!

The people all agree. We don't want what we have got. The problem is that the Political Class has stitched up the voting system.  It costs too much to stand against the major parties so it would take a rather rich person to make a stand. We do not necessarily want a rich person because we want someone who understands what it is like on Planet Earth. 

Currently the patriots do not have a party. We used to call it the 'Conservative Party' and we don't really want to be 'BMP' but what is the alternative? Why can't we find a patriot that we respect?

Nigel Farage?


SAB said...

I wet along and voted for the PC position. I've never seen such a deserted polling station! Other than the 6 people behind the desks, there wasn't a sole about.
I've since been mocked by friends for even bothering to vote. They seem to believe that NOT voting is some kind of protest as they think the PC position is a complete waste of time and money. That may be so, but they fail to realise that the decision to have these Police Commissioners has already been made by the politicians so I'm not sure what they're trying to achieve by not voting? It seems crazy to me.
No doubt in a few months time they'll all be ranting and moaning on a Sunday afternoon over a pint about how they can't believe how whoever their local commissioner is got the job etc etc.... My reply will simply be, if you didn't vote, then don't bother to complain about it!

bryboy said...

You are dead on the ball SAB. These elections were meant to switch people off. They do not want people to vote because 'people' are dangerous.We have what we deserve. As a community we are useless because nobody cares who is in charge as long as they are not inconvenienced.
The Asian communities know this and gradually they are taking over. I am not against them but we must look over our shoulders. I belong to a bowls club and frankly they will vote for anyone as long as they don't have to assume responsibility.
The people with excess money are all on cruises. They care not a jot for the community. Our children will suffer for our lack of community spirit or should that be bloody selfishness!!