Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Turkey and Syria...who is pulling the Strings?

In one week from now my wife and I will be setting off on a cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean. It has long been planned to visit countries which we have previously never experienced. They include Sicily, Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Turkey. We are really looking forward to traversing the Suez Canal but suddenly I am beginning to wonder if it will happen?

Today Turkish jets forced a Syrian civilian flight flying from Moscow to Damascus down onto their territorial soil. They illegally intercepted this flight which is a direct challenge to Moscow. Who is escalating this conflict? Who is widening the Syrian scenario?

I think that we all know by now who the aggressors are because they have been causing wars for centuries. It is always the same scenario. The 'people' suddenly rebel against a government (usually 'a dictator') who refuses to allow a 'Central' bank to invade their country. This revolution is supported by every media outlet and every prominent politician that can influence western public opinion.

The rebels are then armed and supported by NATO troops who ensure that the 'dictator' is removed.  Simple innit! Unfortunately  the Russian and the Chinese governments don't appear to agree with this action. So we seem to have a scenario where the Americans and Israelis are squaring up to the Russians and Chinese. 

That is really unhealthy. I cannot countenance a situation where someone, somewhere, in Turkey decides that it is a good idea to intercept a civilian flight from Moscow and force it down unless they are trying to escalate a conflict.

Fasten your seatbelts folks! 

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