Monday, 17 December 2012

Where are our Politicians leading us?

There is a rump of the Conservative Party who are trying to reign in their party leader, David Cameron, who seems determined to destroy so many of the basic beliefs upon which this country was founded. 

I watched him this afternoon skilfully dismissing challenge after challenge from his backbenchers on the issue of the European Union.  He is an astute parliamentarian.  He knows the rules and he manipulates them. Consequently he dodges all the difficult questions by astute replies which deflect from the original question.

It leaves me and many of his own politicians with a sense of frustration. I have said many times that this country is under attack from our own politicians who are in thrall of billionaires who have sponsored them into Westmonster. 

In the meantime the Tories are losing credibility and membership but actually does David Cameron care?  He is in the 'modernisation' club so he cannot lose.  If he loses the next election then the baton is passed to Ed Miliband who continues with 'modernisation'.  They continue to promote 'modernisation' policies when the economy is actually in meltdown.

We have thousands in 'fuel' poverty and yet we give away our tax revenues to Africa. In this twenty first century under the auspicious of that paragon of trade virtue, the European Union, we have food banks in England.  I ask banks in England!!

Have you ever heard one politician in Westmonster question why, in this country, do our people require 'food banks'?  It is a devastating indictment on the Political Class. Red Ed has never stood up at PM's Question Time and raised the plight of the 'working class' who require food banks to survive.

It does not concern him because most of the people who need food banks to survive do not vote. They are the poor, white, underclass  and therefore do not have any sort of representation. The days of Keir Hardie have long gone as the millionaire front bench of the Labour party dismiss the concerns of the underclass.

So now we have fuel poverty and food banks?  What else will they heap on the poor in order to pay homage to the bankers and the EU? They are despicable! When will we find a true leader?


SAB said...

His name is Nigel.

NewsboyCap said...


"When will we find a true leader?"

Go take a look in the mirror, you, me, all of us. The guy looking back at you is the one we've all been looking for. Decide your own future. Don't expect a Politician to make life better for you, why should he? He can't, he answers to a higher authority than you- his paymasters. No matter what colour Rosette he wears, someone is paying him to do their bidding. To vote for someone else's puppet is like saying "I'm incompetent,I can't do anything myself" Take a look at your own past, did the Govt. decide who you would Marry? Did the Govt. decide where you would live? or what house you would buy? or where you would holiday? or what job you would do? what car you would drive? No you decided YOUR life, you don't need them. When we once again learn to stand on our own two feet, respect one another, stop relying on "The Government" we may find that we didn't need them after all.

bryboy said...

That is a very valuable contribution NBC. I must teach my granddaughters that maxim.The problem is that the voting system is stitched up. Party machines ensure that the electorate are brainwashed. I still cannot understand how the public in general still cannot understand how low and desperate the Political Class, The BBC, the Unions and the Establishment will go to keep the 'plebs' in poverty.

Every vote they cast for Con/Lab/Lib ensures that they will be consigned to the scrap heap sooner or later.

There is a revolution growing in Europe. I suggest that we join it!

SAB yes he is the only leader on the horizon!