Sunday, 2 December 2012

Why will they not follow public opinion?

Today we had the same old, same old, Andrew Marr Show when a long list of socialist sympathisers were, once again, paraded to air their prejudices when clearly people are bored with the whole issue.  In amongst them, a lamb to the slaughter, was a Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer, but not before Marr had his usual spat with Ed Balls.  It is all so contrived that frankly it is a waste of air space.

Then on came George Osborne spouting the same old claptrap. Amazingly the austerity plan that he has personally authorised may have to last longer than he anticipated!  Big deal! Big surprise! The billions they pour down the drain on their EU supporting policies cannot be undone but...wait for it...we can tax more people more often!

When will this bunch of EU supporting Politicians listen to to what the public want?  Clearly it will not happen and so the electorate will once again give up on them.  That is what they want!  They want you not to vote. They thrive on their 15% vote because they know that they can get their core supporters out to keep them in power. These are the very people who are government employees and profit from the non vote.

I will continue to campaign because you should not spoil your ballot, you should not refuse to vote because this is what they want. You should vote against Con/Lab/Lib. They are all against the public. I do not exonerate the Right Wing Tories because if they were honest they would defect from a party that they can no longer support. 

People like Bill Cash clearly does not agree with his leadership but he cannot divorce himself from the gravy train! Neither can David Davis both are dishonest men.

Until some of them find a conscience then we are stuck with a corrupt system.  What we need is a major defection to UKIP from the Cameron led Tories and until we get it things will remain the same and the so called 'eurosceptics' will continue to enjoy their subsidised lifestyle without any conviction.


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