Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Revolution in Europe?

There are reports that groups in Spain are plotting a coup against the EU.  There are riots in Greece and I personally saw the graffiti in Athens.  We 'Brits' tend to let bygones be bygones and we tolerate the fuel poverty and the food banks because we have become a cowed nation.

Today England is East Germany because everybody fears the government. The letters in the post from the tax man, from the local council and from any government body have adopted a threatening vocabulary.  My mother's local care home recently threatened me because I had not paid one paltry bill which I had not received. When I rang the lady concerned and complained about the tone she agreed but pleaded that the letters were just standard procedure. Why can't standard procedure be 'nice'? Why does she not insist that it is nice?  

Everyone is scared! Everyone is threatened by authority! Everybody realises that if they challenge authority then they face lengthy and costly legal cases which the council/government/authority can afford because if they lose it costs them nothing personally. If you win it is not their money it is your own money. If you win then you just win your own money back because government errors are never culpable.  In government circles they never get surcharged if they make a mistake. That is a recipe for disaster or autocracy or both.

So clearly we now have a situation where we have a Political/Government Class that can do anything that they want and are backed by legal representatives at no costs to themselves.  On the other hand we have the public who have grievances but who can never afford to prosecute!

Are you getting the picture?

In some places in Europe they have got the picture. How long before the 'English' also get the picture? The 'British' have already got the picture but they understand power. We English have always had power but we are about to realise how difficulty life can be without it! You heard it here first! 


Ripper said...

Its all in the database... Great post Bry.

Highland Cooncil said...
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Highland Cooncil said...

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