Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christians 1 Politicians 0

I am not a Christian but my beloved daughter is and so are so many of her lovely friends.  They all follow the teachings of the bible. They believe in their faith and their bible is their faith. Apparently the bible says that only males can be 'bishops'. Please excuse my ignorance because I do not know the intricacies of this subject but if you are a Christian surely you follow the teachings of the bible?

So today the motion to circumnavigate the bible was defeated. Most thinking people know that committed Christians in this country are actually under threat. The undercurrent of political pressure ensure that people who follow the scriptures are today a political target.

How many cases have we seen of Christians who insist on wearing their crosses at work being victimised? How many cases are brought against women wearing burkas?  They are even allowed to pass through airport security. It is a joke! 

Today common sense prevailed. So much wailing from the discredited BBC but of course the public now know (courtesy of Jimmy Savile) what their agenda is! At long last Christians have fought back despite the protestations of the politically correct high profile politicians (just how many politically correct, female, black vicars exist in the Church of  England?).  So at long last the Christians defeated the Politicians! Not before time.

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