Saturday, 24 November 2012

The European Union (again!)

Ever since I began this blog I have railed against the unelected and undemocratic commissioners of the EU.  The whole concept is absurd and yet every one of our mainstream politicians is in league with them.  It appears that in many parliamentary constituences an individual will not be supported for candidency unless he/she supports the EU.

In recent years the economies of almost every member state are on the verge of collapse.  In many of them the people have taken to the streets protesting about this cabal which has ruined their economy. Certainly in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Spain there are serious economic problems which cannot be disguised and now I read that one political party in the Spanish region of Catalonia will hold a referendum on independence from Spain if they win an upcoming election.

David Cameron continues to promote the preposterous theory that he can change the EU from within which judging by the recent arguments over finance seems to be a forlorn hope.  Up and up go our contributions to an organisation which has not been audited for something like 18 years.  There are a plethora of videos on YouTube featuring Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, berating the EU leadership.

Apparently we give over 50 million pounds a DAY for the EU to squander in any way that they want which is highlighted here by Mr Farage.  The EU today seems to be split between givers and takers.  We give and the grasping hands take.  Think what we could do with a legacy of 50 millions pounds a day?  Our pensioners could even get a decent pension.  I know that I am beating my head against the concrete brains of those who still vote Con/Lab/Lib but who knows one day common sense may prevail and perhaps the EU commissioners will end up in prison charged with the bankruptcy of Europe. I can only dream!


Anonymous said...

No what will happen is the peoples will be forced to unite against these corrupt rules, to rise up and throw of the shackles. History will not be denied

bryboy said...

Yes I am afraid that you are right! Until people bring democracy back to the planet then this nonsense will continue. Blood will have to be spilled before change occurs. The gang of traitors that suck on the teet of the EU believe that they are inviolate. Unfortunately the public will have to get a lot more desperate before we will see a change. Tks for your input.