Thursday, 11 October 2012

So Many People Knew!

So it is all coming out now...the barmy eccentric who fund raised for so many charities was actually a dangerous weirdo. No... that is too mild because apparently he was the worst type of paedophile and so many people knew about him.

I am part of his generation and I must now confess that I found him strange. He was really not normal. He courted publicity ruthlessly and now we are discovering the extent of his calumny. His ability to fund raise apparently put him on a pedestal. Staff at various hospitals were so scared to 'out' him that he was allowed to abuse young patients.

What does that say about our culture and our morals and about the ability of NHS managers and BBC managers to protect the vulnerable? What has happened in our society to judgement and discipline? Why was it that staff who knew how sordid this man was did not feel able to report him?

The truth is that there were so many young girls who actually glorified in being 'groupies'; there were so many young women who pursued fame and fortune through the sex market that the male 'personalities' thought that they could do anything and did! 

I suspect that Jimmy Savile was the tip of the iceberg. It has actually happened throughout time.  The shock in this case was the access that this man had to VERY vulnerable youngsters.  I don't mean the girls who put themselves up for it like the girls who marry ageing billionaires. I mean the young and disabled. The very notion that this guy was able to approach and 'stick his tongue down their throat' of paralysed girls must be investigated.

I do not know where this is going? Girls have always been available to famous men. So who can judge who was abused and who was available?  It could get very nasty but the bottom line is that they all let him have his way because he raised money. He raised lots and lots of wonga so who cared about a few abused girls! 

The government have since then introduced sex education for the very young. The children are now aware of the sex act and must be curious so our teenage pregnancy rate will probably increase. It has all been planned so do not moan. Jimmy Savile was a product of his time. He took advantage of his situation like so many before him and I just hope that the lawyers don't make a shed load of money out of it because what is done is done!

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