Thursday, 6 December 2012

Stripping the Public of Wealth!

Watching George Osborne yesterday and later Ed Balls I was minded what a huge game our politicians are playing out on behalf of the masters that they serve.  They appear to be absolutely determined to strip the public of wealth.

We had thirteen years of 'New Labour' during which time they involved us in two long term wars, sold off our gold reserves and borrowed so much from the Rothschild Central Banks that, by the time they left office, the country was broke!  That is to say not quite because the markets still have confidence in our bonds!  No wonder because when you can tap the public at every opportunity you will never run short of funds.

The Coalition have followed on from 'New Labour' and have continued to rob the indigenous population of their wealth.  We still have mass immigration and no hint of a policy to restrict it.  Don't believe the propaganda because the EU are determined that we become the dumping ground for the dregs of their domain.

People have descended on this island from probably every country in the world.  They have entered legally and illegally and yet the UK Border Force or the Home Office seems to be incapable of  accounting for them.  This has put an enormous strain on Education, Housing, the NHS and the Prison Service. The worst of it all is that so many can almost instantly claim benefits. Who decided this? Who voted for it?

I don't need to mention our contribution to the EU or our Foreign Aid commitment because the first thing Davis Cameron mentioned on taking office was his ring fencing of 'Foreign Aid' just before he reneged on his promise of a referendum on the EU. Did he tell us that before he 'shared' the election.  I did not vote for Nick Clegg and I would rather slit my throat than support him.   

So now our 'Planning Minister', Nick Boles (remember him), wants to build on Green Space despite the fact that there are 'Houses to Let' in every city in the land. What planet is he on?  I'm afraid he is on planet 'Bilderberger' but most of us Brits still believe in independence and democracy.  We are still free thinkers but not for so much longer if our politicians have their way.

In the meantime my car tax has now reached £250 per annum and the price of my whisky has gone into orbit. Every utility imaginable has been increased as have fuel prices, train tickets and Council Tax.  The politicians are stripping us of wealth at every conceivable opportunity. 

I planned my old age many years ago. I should have just gone on the dole. Every year I am being slaughtered by tax because the tax authorities ignore Starbucks, Google and Amazon but jump on me at every opportunity!  We are systematically being stripped of our wealth and it is being distributed to the new incomers.  We are likely to be stripped of our countryside for the benefit of the new incomers. 

I don't know anyone who voted for mass immigration.  I don't know anyone who voted for anything other than a trading market in Europe.  I don't know anyone who votes for increases in taxation. I don't know why we have over 600 MPs when most decisions that affect the country are made by unelected commissioners in Brussels.  I do know that the Political Class is destroying the Paying Class!

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