Sunday, 14 October 2012

How Can They Do It?

Do our politicians and our lawyers know nothing about warfare? They have arrested five Royal Marines and charged them with murder! What exactly to they train them and pay them to do? If you send a trained soldier into battle, or into a 'difficult' situation, then you cannot impose civilian rules on them. They are trained to fight. They are trained to kill. They face an enemy who will kill them given an opportunity. 

What do they expect from our troops?  They cannot go to war with the thought that 'if I get this wrong I could be charged with murder'! It is ridiculous. If you have just lost your best mate in action then frankly you are not acting rationally. They are not out shopping in  Windsor on a Saturday morning.

Is it not about time that our lawyers departed to Afghanistan and hunted for the people who have killed over 400 of our soldiers in this utterly pointless war and asked the CPS to charge them! It is that stupid! 

How the hell can our soldiers fight a war against a very aggressive enemy with one hand tied behind their backs? I have consistently maintained for a few years now that there is an element of our Political Class/Civil Servants who do not support our armed forces.
They are hell bent on the destruction of the troops and this is just another example of their agenda.

I know that we must maintain a service code of conduct but when soldiers go to war and could be killed then, believe you me, normal ethics disappear. If you are faced with someone trying to kill you then you don't think twice. You kill him/her! 

The enemy of the British Army are very safe in the knowledge that if they are captured then the British Army have so many rules to observe that frankly they will have laugh at us. So many have donned friendly uniform and then reneged on the deal it is not surprising that they are not trusted. 

Our problem is that the British Army face not only the Afghan warlords, who have not actually lost an ounce of their power since the joint British/American forces invaded their territory, but they are being stabbed in the back by the British ever!

The enemy is not in Afghanistan it is actually in Islington, Tower Hamlets and surrounding suburbs. Most of them travel into Westmonster by bicycle!


Anonymous said...

Wrong. Geneva convention. You can't shoot people out of hand. Jerry did that in WW2 for the "reasons" you give. Let's see what the circumstances are before we judge, but there is a clear line between soldiering and murder.

SAB said...

My initial reaction was one if protection, but I don't know the actual circumstances. I did read that someone was stupid enough to have a record of the incident on their laptop so that's pretty careless!

I still maintain that the whole Afghan campaign is a total waste of time, money and lives and always has been. Mr Slippery should be charged with murder for every young British life lost! And if anybody has a copy of the 'insurgent' Code of Conduct then I'd like to see a copy of it so that I can give them a jolly good telling off for not playing fair!

A very good friend of mine was based down at Stonehouse Barracks until recently. I know how proud they all are and this will be a real dent in their armour unfortunately. Hopefully the dreaded media won't dwell on it for too long and concentrate on more important news.

SAB said...

I have to agree though their is a clear line. Got to maintain the professionalism no matter what.

Julian Moss said...

I agree. Our soldiers and police should not have to have their actions judged by people who have never been in a life or death situation, with the benefit of hindsight.

bryboy said...

Anon I take your point and I agree that we have to maintain our integrity. The problem is and I know this it is difficult but to act properly when someone is trying to kill you is actually challenging. Believe me you shoot back! I don't know the details of this case but during my military service I found the Royal Marines a very professional outfit. Probably the most professional outfit that I ever had contact with. If these guys disposed of someone then they had a reason. We cannot judge this situation from so far away. My problem is that, unless we have a situation like the Americans had in their prison in Iraq, where some scummy female was abusing prisoners then we really should be careful.
We cannot have a situation where the guys and gals are prevented from returning fire because they worry about the legal consequences!
Tks all for your input.