Friday, 30 November 2012

By Election Turnouts

So although UKIP did better than previous results they could not contest how the Labour party still manages to get their vote out.  Labour won all three of yesterday's by election so it would appear churlish not to congratulate them. However there is an underlying trend which is not being reported.

The turnouts in all three constituencies were abysmal.  In essence the three Labour candidates were returned to Westmonster by polling well under 20% of the electorate.  That means that over 80% did NOT vote for them and in the case of Middlesbrough and Rotherham it was 85%!

How can the Political Class expect respect from the public when they are claiming that they have won an election with the support of only 15% of the electorate. You can argue that it is the fault of the public for not voting but I do wonder if voting became compulsory what the results would be.

I do wonder how Nick Clegg can face his party this morning.  His stance on so many unpopular and unnecessary policies has wrecked his party. No doubt he is already lining up his next job within the European Union!


Anonymous said...

85% spoilt votes

bryboy said...

Nice One!