Friday, 16 November 2012

Common Purpose...Exposed!

I have just returned from a 30 day break cruising round the Eastern Mediterranean with my wife.  We had a wonderful time but it was very difficult not to post a comment when the bad news continued to beleaguer the Political Class.  Anyone who has remotely followed my ramblings in the past five years will know that so many of my least favourite topics have been exposed as being rotten to the core.

Today however, the Daily Mail broke the ultimate taboo when they exposed Common Purpose which was one of the main reasons that I began this blog.  In a huge investigation they have outed Sir David Bell and Julia Middleton and to my knowledge this is the first time that a national newspaper has exposed the involvement of Common Purpose in our public life and the extent of their influence.

I have to admit that it takes time to wade through it all as their investigation is very thorough but it also 'outs' some of our major public figures.  Some of our most respected (by some) politicians appear to be involved with this secret organisation. The Mail investigation mentioned Lord Patten, Chris Bryant MP (he of the underpants pose), Cressida Dick of the Met (remember she headed the Jean Charles de Menezes shambles and got promoted).  Her sometime successor Sue Akers and many other high ranking police officers are also implicated in involvement with Common Purpose. 

I have never before seen a mainstream newspaper tackle this insidious organisation but it would appear that the Mail is suspicious that Lord Leveson is being manipulated into creating a situation where Common Purpose supporters will get an opportunity to impose their own terms on the freedom of the press. I have long warned of just how powerful they have become but if the Mail has been forced into this exposure of Common Purpose then someone, somewhere, is finally albeit belatedly, realising the threat!

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Martin said...

A lot is starting to comeout now . Could it be the great awakening. Let's bloody hope so .