Monday, 15 October 2012


I cannot believe that our political hierarchy have actually done a deal to split up the UK! I cannot believe that our mainstream politicians are even contemplating this action. It is even worse because the SNP politicians have decided that they will use the votes of 16 year olds to make this happen!!

What is going on? How can this nonsense continue? If 16 year olds can vote on this issue who decided that? Who agreed that people of (I am sorry) limited intellect and experience could sway an election of such importance.

I am sorry but this is a stitch up. These seamy politicians are organising a break up of a very strong alliance. Don't get me wrong, my parents were Scots and I had very many arguments with my father about my heritage. The Barnett formula that gave the Scots so many advantages and the popular animosity that the Scots rejoice in still make it acceptable. 

The reason it is acceptable is because when the chips are down we have always put aside our differences and fought together like lions.  The Scots are a major part of our armed forces.  Someone, the very people who are trying to destroy our society, are stoking this issue. Alex Salmond, that paragon of virtue, is taking advantage of national pride.

However, I really don't believe that how many 16 year olds Alex Salmond drafts into the equation the real people of Scotland will know that the break up of the UK would be disastrous. England would survive but Scotland would become a dependent of the EU.

Of course that is why the servants of the bankers Alex Salmond and David Cameron are shaking hands. The unthinkable is happening because they have been told to break up the UK. Otherwise it would never happen... think about it!

How about that for a controversial post? Answers on a postcard or on my comments list! 

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GrumpyRN said...

I'm not touching that one with a barge pole.
Och aye the noo and lang may yer lum reek!