Thursday, 29 November 2012

'Leveson' versus Cameron?

In this image from video, News Corporation chairperson Rupert Murdoch appears at Lord Justice Brian Leveson's inquiry in London to answer questions under oath about how much he knew about phone hacking at the News of the World tabloid. (AP)
What has he started?
On the surface Lord Brian Leveson has come up with the perfect solution to the problems that beset our press. He states that we need an independent authority to regulate the press but we must ask ourselves who will appoint that authority? Who is so independent and so without question that we can trust them not to have an agenda?

On this blog I have asked many times who can we trust? I know that I trust my instinct. So for what it is worth I will explain my instinct. On one side we have the people who have been called before Leveson to illustrate a case.  The Dowlers (innocents), The McCanns (in my opinions questions still need to be asked) and the landlord of poor Joanna Yeates, Christopher Jefferies. are I think being used to illustrate a point Every one of these cases was deeply shocking but I believe that they are being used for an alternate reason. Then we have the celebrities who generally have an axe to grind.

We have within us a group of people who are being paid handsomely to change our society. They call themselves 'modernisers' and in old fashioned language they would be termed 'traitors'.  They are trying to change the fabric of the country. That is wrong, because they have actually done it as we can witness by  mass immigration, political correctness, health and safety, foreign aid, the European Union and so much more!

The last bastion of our society is a free press. Don't get me wrong the press have behaved disgracefully.  They have far exceeded their   brief but who allowed them to do it?  The politicians allowed them to do it.  Leveson got it right when he said that the politicians recognised that the press could win them elections. It was the politicians who gave the press their freedom! 

So what now?  The people who the Daily Mail believe are behind Leveson have powerful friends.  These friends are in a position to appoint the 'independent  committee' that they want to regulate our 'free press'. They are also aligned to 'Common Purpose'.

This is the aim of the 'Modernisers'. They want to regulate our press so that we might end up with Pravda or a French newspaper which cannot indulge in investigative journalism.  My main problem is that all the people who are against the decision of David Cameron are known modernisers and sympathisers with 'Common Purpose'.

When you work it out and realise that people like Nick Clegg (Lib Dem), Chris Bryant (NoLab) and Nicky Morgan (MP for Loughborough) are actually all in the same camp then you realise the extent of the corruption of our electoral system.  I won't even mention postal voting. This story has a long way to run and it is really important.

Take you want from this post because I will always say what I believe is right. That is my prerogative.  I just cannot square the stance of David Cameron because I believe he is in the same camp of the 'modernisers'. Perhaps they are playing with the public. 

Nothing would surprise me!


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