Sunday, 25 November 2012

UKIP against the Modernisers!

Something has to give!  UKIP has to defend their own and drag the officers of the Rotherham Borough Council into the courts.  This nonsense about defending the cultural and ethnic needs of the children hides a multitude of sins.  These people live on a different planet.  They are so obsessed with their 'agenda' that they care not a jot about the kids or the foster parents. 

These local government zealots are, in my opinion, the modern equivalent of what the German people had to tolerate in the nineteen thirties.  They have the  power and they are determined to use it.  Frankly I find them frightening because nobody in politics seem to be able to dent their shield.

I have always spoken about the hidden agenda of the modernisers.  I rail repeatedly against the European Union and Common Purpose and of course I suppose I am regarded as a conspiracy theorist who is verging on section but...what if I am not? What happens if these possible lunatics are really trying to enslave the public and create a Moscow type society in the UK (which they are)?

Apparently a minority political party can be instantly branded as being 'racist' if it does not agree with the agenda of modernisation. Racism is the new heinous crime that supercedes murder, rape and armed robbery.  The police will hesitate to attend any of the aforesaid but if you are accused of 'racism' then someone will press the 'manure' button and the whole pile will land on your head.

In my opinion UKIP has to defend their membership.  They must take Rotherham Borough Council to court and challenge their charge of racism.  This cannot continue but I suspect that UKIP know the courts are so skewed against the public that they would not win.

Personally I care not about the election of police commissioners but an election of judges may just bring the voters out! 

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