Friday, 16 November 2012

Low Turnouts!

When I left this country for a 30 day cruise my voting cards had not arrived.  When we returned a day after the elections for Police Commissioners we had a huge pile of mail but nothing explaining the difference between the local candidates. Nothing about who they were and what they stood for so not only did we lose our vote we would have had little knowledge of the candidates even if we had stayed behind!

This has been a political conspiracy to defraud the public. It will not matter who gets elected we will only get more of the same and guess what...the public know it.  Clearly right across the country the public have ignored this farce.

I cannot think of one credible modern politician. I can think of many that should be in prison.  They are exposed almost daily and Dennis McShane is just the latest example of politicians who appear to have helped themselves to the public purse and then escaped the full force of the law.

So what do the public do?  They ignore these farcical elections and what do the Political Class usual they ignore the public. Some time ago I posed the low does the turnout have to go before an election is declared null and void?

In Leicestershire today they elected a public official when only 16% of the people had voted. Surely that does not give the winner a mandate to rule and if it does how long before it gets less?  Bloody hell 16% that means his friends, family and probably his dog managed to get him a very powerful and lucrative public position.

In an age of so called austerity the Political Class thought up a plan which cost the public a shed load of money.  All the public want is protection from the criminal element.  We don't want crime numbers for insurance purposes we want crime stopped!  The police have become a state sponsored force more interested in diversity crime than violence.

If I ever see one of these newly elected Police Commissioners change the Common Purpose/EU policy of no police on the streets then I will sit up and take notice.

When will the news outlets and the politicians realise that the public have rumbled them.  The turnouts will continue to tumble and when they do they humiliate the idiots who follow the Common Purpose/EU diktat. I say humiliate but frankly they don't care.

On holiday I read many books and one of them was 'Alan Clark-the Early Years'. It is quite staggering that this individual was elected for a Plymouth seat when he hated his constituency and was a serial philanderer. I have never read about anyone so vain, spoiled and so utterly devoid of moral principle.  The problem was he also fingered so many politicians who were made of the same moral fibre. The people that he wrote about exist today.

These Eton and Oxford rich kids know nothing.  They are born to privilege but then in modern terms the Labour front bench are almost identical.  So we now have two parties of identical class who are engaged in their own private debating society. The days of Keir Hardie are long gone.

That is the reason that the public cannot be bothered with the latest idiotic waste of money. You won't find that on the news.


GrumpyRN said...

Back from holiday and obviously refereshed. Straight back into the fight.
Nice to have you back.

NewsboyCap said...


Good to see you and the good Lady back safe and well.

No surprise there then with the almost non-existent turnout.
Perhaps, maybe the people are waking up to the facts that voting doesn't achieve anything at all.
But, probably not. I think the lack of advertising, the lack of information, of these POLICE Commissioner 'appointments', was just what the Govt. wanted.
I may well be wrong but it seems that the ones who 'won' are all placemen. Political yes men.

bryboy said...

Hello guys NewsboyCap you could well be right! Hardly any information whatsoever. Perhaps that's is really what they want. If only those who wish to hang onto jobs vote then they will achieve their aims. After all nobody is suggesting that a low turnout should invalidate the election!

Curmudgeon said...

Tony Lloyd, who was a Labour MP until last week, has been elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester.
He was a Member of Parliament from 1983. Before that, he was a councillor on Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council from 1979-84 and was deputy leader of the Labour group.
This man is a career politician. If you cut off his leg, it would say ‘Labour’ all the way through it!
Now, there is nothing wrong with that. But don’t tell me that a man who has lived and breathed political dogma throughout 33 years of political infighting, is now not going to be ’political’
It is just not feasible! Policing needs to be independent of party politics.
These PCC’s should not be elected, if elected at all, on political grounds. The whole idea behind this badly thought out scheme was to bring impartiality and the voice of the people to bear on policing priorities. But on a 13.5% voter turnout, no one in their right mind can this this result is truly democratic.
However, the one saving grace is that Lord Prescott has failed in his bid to become the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside!
And if proof of the schemes politicisation is needed, Lord Prescott speaking after his defeat said: "I said at the beginning, this is a Tory marginal seat. It's not a safe Labour seat. It's not even a Labour seat."
I rest my case!

bryboy said...

Welcome Curmudgeon and I see we feel the same. It is becoming increasingly difficult for any true independent to get elected to anything. All around the country it appeared to be the same. The huge comedy of Prescott's failure should not mask that most who succeeded are already connected to politics. Tks for your input

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, I hope you had a great time? I just can't understand this whole police election thing. I think it is just a complete fiasco I cant see any good coming from it. Was Cameron forced into it? I cannot see the benefits for anyone, please help