Thursday, 29 November 2012

By Elections!

I have spoken about this before but today we have three by-elections being held in what have been Labour strongholds.  It always amazes me that, after their 13 years in government, any place could still be described as a 'Labour stronghold'.  Surely there are sufficient people with some common sense who realise that the modern Labour party stuffed with 'modernisers' is vastly different from the days of Clement Attlee or even Keir Hardie.

After the disastrous premierships of Messrs Blair and Brown how do the electorate still believe that voting Labour is not just a idea verging on lunacy? Take Rotherham, their former Labour MP has been sacked for misappropriating public funds and a council official punished a local couple for being members of UKIP by taking away their foster children! 

MP's in Westmonster prove time after time that once the party machines wrap their tentacles around the new MPs independent thought and representing their electorate disappears almost overnight. Today only a very small minority of MPs really have any power and the rest just do as they are told!

So once again the public can make a difference.  Once again they can give these political wasters a bloody nose. This is their chance to shake up the political scene and to make their votes count.  I still believe that if UKIP got one voice in parliament it could open the floodgates. 

Every time that 'normal people' gather and discuss politics they express disgust at the political system that we have been hoist with but somehow their bottle goes when they arrive in the voting booth. Will it happen again today?  I expect the results will stay the same and 3 more useless members of the party machines will be collecting their expenses and enjoying their subsidised meals and wine by next week!

I can only hope that I am wrong!

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