Sunday, 30 December 2012

In Mourning!

I have always retained a personal aspect to this blog because it is  also my link to families and friends.  Yes I know that I go on a bit but it is purely my way of telling people how evil our mainstream politicians and media have become.

However, on Saturday evening my 96 year old mother breathed her last.  I was regrettably 15 minutes too late but then I could not have made a difference.  It was her time to go. 

As usual our small but close knit family have rallied and supported one another. This is why I believe that the family unit is so important to our society. Nothing can replace a family unit which until the last few decades was the bedrock of our society. 

We hand down moral values from one generation to another. We preach loyalty, responsibility and love. We instill a code of behaviour. In my household nobody swears. Yes we allow the 'bloody' and the occasional 'shit' (if it slips out) but the rest of the vernacular is not practiced. I know that my lovely grandchildren learn the words at school but to teach sex education to 7 year olds is frankly treasonable.

My mother was fortunate. She past to another world without realising what her generation had lost. She was the last of her generation who courted in the 1930's and produced children in the 1940's. They survived the Second World War and most of their parents remembered the First World War.  The Rothschild bankers were alive and well in those days as well as today.

So farewell Mum, you lived through an amazing era. You kept the family together even though both my brother and my father passed away in the 1970's. You set the rules and the standards that I maintain today.  You did your job and I just hope that there is an after world which you can enjoy because you deserve a wonderful afterlife.

I promise you that what you taught me will be passed on. Unfortunately I am faced with an army of officialdom who will do their best to oppose my values. At this moment I cannot trust any politician or public official (Nigel Farage perhaps?) but my lovely family will rally together. I won't need to rally them because my mother left a legacy that everyone will attend. Farewell Mum you were the best! 


GrumpyRN said...

I don't wish to sound trite Bryan, so I hope your mother passed peacefully and I wish you and your family well.

I hope you and yours have a happy and peaceful new year.

bryboy said...

GRN thank you for your concern. She did pass peacefully and it was her time to go. I also wish you and yours a Happy Hew Year,. Sorry for the delay!