Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Reality of 'Modernisation'

If anyone still doubts the consequences of the politics of 'modernisation' then you only have to witness the hordes of non English faces at the front of the sales queues in London. The character of our capital city has been changed forever and the trend is irreversible.
Today much of the mainstream media are beginning to realise the damage that David Cameron has done to the old Conservative party. Many commentators talk about the 'detoxification' of the party which maintained national beliefs and traditions.  However it was only poison to those wishing to destroy those beliefs and traditions.

I still remember when David Cameron wanted your votes he made a great play on his belief in marriage and promised tax concessions for married couples.  He omitted to state that he meant 'gay marriage'!  Just a small matter but it would probably have lost him so many votes that clearly it was intentional. I am afraid that this is the measure of the PM.  He is a wonderful orator as was Tony Blair but both have the priceless ability to make a statement that is entirely misleading with a straight face.

It is very naughty. But when your job depends on your ability to deceive the public so that others can change the character of a nation then I have to admit that the farce being enacted in Westmonster is admirable in its duplicity.

So whenever the PM talks about the EU, Foxhunting, the freedom of the press, Immigration or in fact almost anything that the average Englishman might view as sacrosanct then try and look beyond the words and the gestures. He is not on our team.  He isn't even on the substitutes bench and I'm not the only person to believe it!


bewick said...

I can't agree that the current situation in London is "irreversible" but concede that actions to actually reverse would have to be draconian to have effect. Few current politicians would have the bottle for that though.
It is 12 years since I was last in London so perhaps I haven't seen what has happened during Blair's reign.
I DO though remember frequenting a French restaurant in Bloomsbury. Over 2 years I only once encountered a French waitress. My usual waitress was a delightful Brazilian girl who confided that tips weren't necessary since already in the bill. She and her husband were here trying to amass money to buy a house in Brazil and then go home. The manager was Turkish. A year later he spotted me one Saturday morning walking past, dragged me in, and gave me a personally brewed coffee.I ate there that night and he reserved for me his last sea bass.The Brazilian had returned home. He did tell me that he'd been to market very early morning to get his supplies so he probably worked a 16 hour day. I think the Chef was Arab. Never even occurred to me then that most of the staff were possibly illegals - but they did a necessary job.
Cameron of course has no mandate for gay marriage any more than Blair had a mandate over fox hunting. Blair manaqed to commit himself to that one during an unfortunate TV appearance.

Gay marriage? I'm totally opposed and, I suspect, are most. I have a generally "live and let live" attitude but marriage is a step just too far. I know and have known perfectly nice gay couples but those ones wouldn't dream of being married either in a religious or registry office ceremony. They are not "in your face" gay people. ( and hey the word "gay" has been stolen from the english language)
The CoE barred me from marrying a divorcee (my one and only wife) in Church. Perhaps correct since that only lasted 20 years. My personal "straw poll" indicates that homosexual relationships are actually far more likely to fail. To my best knowledge, and a generalisation, homosexuals are far more promiscuous than heterosexuals.
Just some thoughts

bryboy said...

Very please to see you back here and back on form. You have so much to contribute to any forum through your experience. Most of us know the reality of'gay marriage' although we have to accept that it is is generally irrelevant to the public at large.

It is far more important to reinstate Family History. That has been destroyed by 'Modernisation'. Too many kids by too many fathers actually means that genetically our society may have been threatened.

I believe that this was the long term goal of the 'modernisers'. They have actually destroyed our heritage and yet nobody has twigged their ambition!

I have now have discovered your location. How lovely that you and a little Sikh boy can be friends. Stay in touch my friend.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunaren't it is not the capital where this is happening. On boxing day last year I went to a retail outlet in Kent and was shocked by the amount of foreigners of all nationalities, I am not talking a few, it is no exaggeration to say that 95% of the shoppers were not English, personally I was very demoralised and came away angry and confused as to how this has been let to happen. All of us have stood by and closed our eyes. We have been duped by all politicians, being told we are a tolerant nation, when all that's happened is wd have been sold down the river of multiculturalism, which hasnt worked. It is far too late for the elite to do something about if now. Nothing will get any better, we are going to have to go too right of politics to see real change and I'm not too sure if that is a good thing.



Anonymous said...


You are correct. Every major city has or is being repopulated by foreign hordes, whilst the birth rate of our indigenous peoples continues its freefall descent.

You have woken from your slumber. As yet, the majority of our indigenous peoples remain asleep, dumbed down by the soma of consuming too much 'X Factor' sh*te, football, materialism and pornography ('Fifty Shades of Grey' masquerading as literature) etc.

Worse still, anyone under 35 has been brainwashed into accepting multikult as the infallible religion of modernity (excluding the muslims of course).

Democracy is a farce. A contrived stage show to give most folk the illusion of freedom. I didn't vote for the 'cultural enrichment' of England. Neither did you.

Modernisation has been designed to sever the indigenous peoples from their roots. If you want to kill a race, then start by destroying its culture, religion, and basic homogeneity. And lets face it, the powers that be have done an excellent job of destroying the UK through a combination of deliberate economic decline and massive immigration (which began in 1948 with the 'Empire Windrush'). From British Empire to "Airstrip One" - all done within seventy years. Nothing quite like immigration to bring about the replacement of nation states with a One World Government eh?

If we are to believe the official census figures, 84% of the population are still native. We have sufficient numbers for now, but as the immigrant birth rate increases exponentially, we will, in less than a generation, be minorities in our own country.

So what are we going to do about it? Clue: Think about Gandhi's tactic of non co-operation. A mass campaign of civil disobedience could do the trick. After all, they cannot govern without our consent. The trick is to get a sufiicently large cadre of our indigenous peoples to get the ball rolling. With apologies for mixing my metaphors, a snowball gets bigger as it rolls down a mountain slope, eventually causing an avalanche. That avalanche (a sort of English 'Arab Spring') is what this country needs.

Time is still on our side, and we have a relatively free and uncensored internet to spread the message. You can start by discussing the state of the nation with friends, family, work colleagues etc. Its easy enough to send http links via email to all of your contacts regarding such thought provoking information as:

You and I are awake; it is our duty to awaken those who are asleep.

Urban Commando.

bryboy said...

Urban Commando your post is so welcome. I am now an old am but I have long thought that the young will only enjoy the life that I enjoyed if they physically rebel. The problem is that they are by and large so brainwashed that they don't even realise what they are losing. You have summed up why I began this blog.