Monday, 5 September 2011

I am missing something...?

Manu Tuilagi
Manu Tuilagi
I read  yesterday that one of England's rugby world cup stars is actually an illegal immigrant! Manu Tuilagi who is the latest in a dynasty of Samoan born brothers arrived here on a 6 month holiday visa and like thousands of others overstayed. It has long been the favourite method of beating our immigration regulations.

The Home Office apparently discovered his wheez but allegedly after an intervention by Leicester Tigers and three local MPs he has been allowed to stay. Why? He has now been declared English so that he can represent my country at rugby at the World Cup. How? He is no more eligible to play for England than any other South Pacific player.

I would be hopping mad if I was a really good player born and brought up in England and replaced by someone who has no claim to be regarded as an English national. I would just love to know how they bent the international rules to allow this to happen? Even in cricket, players (and there are plenty) must have a lengthy residential period behind them before becoming eligible for the England team.

I know that he is a very good player. I always want England to do well in any sport but I think that this is cheating. If he plays and we win it will take the sheen off it for me. Cheats should not prosper!

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Anonymous said...

To qualify to play for the England rugby team you only have to be in the country for three years. Those are the rules.