Friday, 2 September 2011

The Benefits System

This signpost probably mirrors my thoughts as I read a Daily Express headline today which declared that 4 million households in the UK today are on benefits.

It was compounded yesterday when a man, who attempted to trip up a guy with a knife making a getaway after a stabbing at the Notting Hill Carnival, was concerned that he would lose his disability benefit if identified! He is Ukranian.

Now I must just pose this question...why the hell are we supporting disabled foreigners? What on earth has he got to offer this country? Who made it possible for him to come here and claim benefits?

This benefits system is clearly out of control. The Coalition must get a grip of it. In the United States they only allow unemployment benefit for 2 years and it is a system that we should adopt. Too many families are being allowed to overclaim for year after year which eventually condemns them to a life of hopelessness and poverty.

This nation should recover our spirit of independence and lose the spirit of dependency. It is up to the government to lead the way and break up this dependency on the state. Human nature dictates that if you are paid more for slacking than you are for working then you will slack! It is time to change.

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bewick said...

Don't get me started!
I live in a small village. You simply wouldn't believe the number of "families" who have never worked. Quite a number of them even seem to have brand new "motability" vehicles even though there is NO sign of disability whatsoever. They clearly don't pay for housing and council tax yet can buy booze and fags and visit (walking) the pub daily - even during the day.
Sickens me. also sickens me that they swap tips on how to claim for this and that - I hear them in the village shop so, once one gets something, the rest manage it.
They discuss the "symptoms" of autism and Attention deficit disorder and clearly school their kids in how to act in the hope of yet more benefits. Some even proudly declare their intention never to work. One, with 3 kids by 3 different fathers i even heard say she planned more but not before the youngest was 7! She drives a new motability car obtained via her mother who is banned from driving and awaiting a liver transplant - aged circa 43. Must stop there or I'll get high blood pressure