Sunday, 4 September 2011

Labour lied....surely not!?

Alistair Darling
The mainstream media are full today of revelations that the government under the Labour party was unfit to govern! Well would you believe it? For almost three years I wrote scathingly about Gordon Brown and his cohorts and now one of them, Alistair Darling, has now confessed, albeit for profit, that Gordon Brown was to all intents and purposes unfit for the position of Prime Minister.

Why did he wait until he could profit from the revelation? Why could he not have stood up to Brown when the chips were down? Why was he such a coward when the British public needed honesty?

History always outs the dishonest politicians. Someone is always prepared in hindsight (usually for profit) to divulge what most of us knew was the fact at the time. Alistair Darling appeared (usually on the BBC) time after time and refused to criticise Gordon Brown. He continually supported the party line throughout the time that he was Chancellor of the Exchequer.

He was just one of a cabal of Labour politicians who I am convinced that history will record should have served prison sentences for what they did to this country. To this day I cannot understand how some Labour MPs are in jail and others, Jacqui Smith comes instantly to mind, are free to enjoy the spoils of their time in office.

Just remember the Labour party installed Gordon Brown into office without an election. The Labour party, even when everyone could see that he was unfit for the role, continued to support him. Most of them are still on the opposition front benches so when they next stand for election (Ed Miliband, Mr and Mrs Balls, the Eagles sisters, 'wee' Duggie Alexander etc etc) just remember they ALL knew that Gordon was a moron!

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