Monday, 19 September 2011


This blog will be on holiday for the next two weeks in Florida. It is time to swim with the dolphins and treat the grandchildren. We are all looking forward to it and it will be my first long haul flight for ten years following major health problems. I never thought  as I lay in intensive care that I would ever get to this point again.

I have also just passed 4000 visitors to the blog which is another milestone! I thank you all for your interest. It began out of pure frustration that I didn't have a voice and nobody was representing has not changed...I still have not got a political platform but I feel a lot better shouting about it.

My tenure of President at my local bowls club is almost at an end so hopefully I will have more time now to develop some themes on this blog and do more research. The comments that I receive often give me themes to follow up so I do appreciate them (particularly Bewick).

I must mention Julian because I feel so useless. He is my blogging brother but has fallen on desperately hard times. I still cannot send him my support because of my technical ineptitude (my son would have sorted the problem in seconds I know). If anyone can explain to me how I can comment on his blog I would be grateful. I get the impression that I am dense!

By the way I don't know where the ads came from! I had a quick peep at Adsense, did not sign up for anything and they appeared the very next day! That is really quite scary but I don't think they are doing any damage so they can stay for the time being. Any comments on them would be welcome.

In the meantime I suspect that I will be off line. The laptop is coming with me but I suspect that the memsaab will not be too happy if she suspects that I would prefer to blog rather than hug Mickey Mouse!  Psst....perhaps late at night!

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