Monday, 5 September 2011

Libya... the aftermath...and the Political Class!

As the rebel troops take Tripoli and drive Ghadaffi underground the captured documents begin to indict the former Labour government.  Some of the leading Labour politicians are beginning to squirm because they were part of this awful regime which cosied up to Colonel Gaddafi and his dreadful family. Let's face it they cosied up to almost every form of wealth that they could get access to.

Top of the list is of course Tony Blair who kissed Colonel Ghaddafi at every opportunity and close behind him comes Peter Mandelson who has  ready access to Russian obligarchs. Today I heard Harriet Harman readily endorsing Foreign Aid to East Africa conveniently forgetting that here at home we cannot support our own elderly.

Today I visited my mother in hospital at Leicester General and it is sorrowful. The staff who are almost entirely from a foreign nation (thank you all) must cope with wards full of the pitiful elderly because there are very few care homes left. The money has all gone to Ethiopia, Somalia or Zimbabwe. Why doesn't Harriet Harman visit the wards in Leicester? Why does she not face this line of questioning from the mainstream media?

These leading socialists are one by one being exposed. First Tony Blair who most people agree is a war criminal, then Gordon Brown a useless Chancellor and even worse PM and on and on it goes... the lecherous Prescott, the venomous Balls (and wife) the duplicitous Ed (and his betrayed brother David) Miliband, they have all been at it and now the charges are coming home to roost. I haven't even mentioned Jacqui Smith and the jailed MPs!

Then look at the LibDems...are they not even worse? Nick Clegg lied to everybody on his election manifesto. Chris Huhne is facing serious motoring offences which everyone suspects that he is guilty of and that is the least of the charges against him. He comes across as a very unsavoury character. Then we have David Laws and his dodgy sex life...who cares apart from him and his family? Not to mention Lembik...!

Our Political Class are crass! Most of them have been corrupted long before they enter the hallowed corridors of Westmonster. Everywhere they are at it. Every office of state has been corrupted. In almost every department we have Ministers who have an agenda which does not support the English people. They are desperate to squander our taxes on projects which do not support the elderly or in fact any of us.

We all know it. Everytime we meet and discuss, usually in hushed voices, our mistrust of our politicians and police we all agree. The people know that they have been let down, the people know that we cannot trust them but as yet they don't know how to respond. I believe that one day somebody will harness this resentment and when they do then the Political Class, and the Bonus Class will feel the full force of the public anger!

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