Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Another one bites the dust!

MPs' expenses: Former Labour MP Margaret Moran to face 21 charges
Margaret Moran

Margaret Moran, former MP for Luton South, who clearly broke the rules regarding the MP's expenses is about to be charged with a massive fraud. She faces 21 accounts of fraudulent activity and no doubt will face a week in a proper jail followed by several months in a cushy option.

She was clearly guilty of a huge fraud and given her position of trust and responsibility she should be locked away for a really lengthy stay behind bars. So where does that leave Jacqui Smith, the former Home Secretary, who was afforded a let out clause which enabled her to apologise to 'the House' for defrauding the public purse of huge amounts including the purchase of her husbands adult films!

If Margaret Moran is guilty then surely Jacqui Smith is just as guilty? The New Labour cabal which plotted to ruin the social structure of this country by inviting in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and then failing to deal with them may rue their traiterous behaviour.

I believe that Margaret Moran deserves to be sent down but then so does Jacqui Smith and all the others who 'flipped' their houses for profit. We may as well clean out the whole lot of them. Margaret Moran is a little fish encouraged to abuse the system and then punished once they discovered she mattered little. It is high time that the CPS tackled the big fish!

The big fish have been well documented!

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