Tuesday, 27 September 2011

British Politics

It is quite amusing watching events in the UK from afar. British politicians just seem to stumble from catastrophe to mediocrity with far too monotonous regularity.  I fell off my chair into the swimming pool when I read that Harriet Harman confused the Miliband brothers! I mean if ever a leading politician had a care of duty to disseminate between feuding siblings then surely this is the leading case.

Then poor old hapless Red Ed after being coached in waving to his disciples for hours is left high and dry when his key speech is blacked out by technicians as it was carried live by the BBC and SKY!

From what I hear all the former allies of Gordon Brown are rather belatedly standing up and confessing that they ruined the country during their time in government but they want the electorate to give them another chance to finish the job!

I cannot understand how the utterly discredited Labour party have not swept them all away. What for example can Ed Balls contribute after being at the centre of everything that has destroyed the economy of the country.

Thank heavens that I am well away from it all. Well away from the confession from Mrs Balls (Yvette Cooper) that Immigration has driven down living standards. Listen to them all...they are incredible...one after the other apologising for their mess, for their divisiveness, for their social engineering and for being plainly dishonest.

What a shambles this Labour Party conference has become because when you put it all together we can come to the conclusion that they are apologising for failing on almost every account during their thirteen years of government. But then most of us have been reporting that for a very long time.

Busch Gardens tomorrow!!

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