Thursday, 15 September 2011

Beware of Greeks...wanting your money!!!

I have fallen in love with Greece. Bless you Greece! Bless your utterly stupid socialist government and bless you the people who refuse to accept that the government have ruined your economy and you must pick up the tab! Greece is about to destroy the economy of the EU because once Greece defaults then so will so many others.

Angela Merkel (possibly the Adolf Hitler of the modern era but without the arms and the concentration camps) is finding it difficult to contain the German public and the French banks appear to have a huge investment  into Greece. I love it! These imbeciles, the people who thought up the EU without the expertise to make it work properly, are now facing the consequences of their actions.

If Greece defaults on it's debt then the whole hideous experiment has been a joke! Our mainstream politicians have poured billions of taxpayers's money into an operation which could not be audited because it was so utterly corrupt. All of them supported this catastrophe and all of them should be held to account.

All of you who wanted to wee and could not find a public toilet. All of you who had elderly relatives who had to sell their houses to pay for care, anyone who needed assistance from public services, like the police, will one day find that everything will return. The soldiers will come back from Afghanistan because one day, once the EU has been destroyed, they will have no role. All the quangos will  go because they depend on the EU for finance.

The country will rediscover what it was like to be British thirty years ago and so, so, many politicians will be utterly discredited. If the EU dissolves then there is no way that any of our mainstream politicians can explain why they refused our continuing requests for a referendum on the EU.

They may grovel but don't believe them. At the next election PLEASE  remember that they have squandered YOUR  money for thirty years or more! It doesn't matter what mainstream party they claim to represent... they don't represent you! DON'T VOTE FOR THEM!

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