Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tony Blair

I cannot believe the consequences for the Political Class if the European Union disintegrates. They have for so long supported an illegal and criminal organisation which has been distributing billions of euros in every direction in the belief that they were bomb proof.

If it unravels then so many of these discredited politicians could be in the dock. I read that the one politician capable of holding the EU together, Angela Merkel, is under pressure at home. The Germans have had enough of this socialist nonsense and if they withdraw their support then the whole economic climate of western Europe will have to be redefined.

We in the UK already know the consequences of government by socialists. We are broke, our local companies (like Bombardier) cannot win government contracts. They spend money like water because they are irresponsible and most of them have never had to earn a salary from the sweat of their brow. For some unaccountable reason we British accept that these politicians (who are all rotten to the core) have a right to corrupt our constitution for their own ends.

They have had a free run for almost twenty years because the EU has poured money into almost every corrupt direction. If the plight of Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy is anything to go by then this reign of terror may someday soon cease but what then?

What then indeed? Who will replace the EU? Who will come to the fore with sufficient clout to, for example...point Anthony Linton Blair   and so many of his cohorts in the direction of The Hague! 

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