Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Is the writing really on the wall?

I have never had any doubt that the European Union was a blight on all our lives. It was originally 'sold' as a Common Market but it soon became clear that the real purpose was a 'socialist' inspired plot to gather member nations together and squander their money at unprecedented speed.

Since the EU became a political state nobody has prospered apart from individuals like the MEPs, officials and commissioners. Some of them have made so much money that they are now in the megarich category where once they were mere mortals. Top of that category must be Peter Mandelson but I would wager that the Kinnocks are close behind!

The stories that have been leaked about the lack of accountability are legend but the lack of audit has made corruption almost mandatory. In this way the EU has bankrolled many of our Quangos so this circle of evil continues unabated.

At last however it would appear that the writing is on the wall. Pundits are appearing on news programmes predicting that Greece cannot possibly service its debt and that also applies to Portugal and Ireland. Even some of the mainstream correspondents are now declaring that the EU is fatally wounded. The latest being the Daily Mail's Max Hastings.

So what happens now? Well financially it will be bloody but I suspect that the French and German taxpayers will be hammered because the banks have to readjust their figures when the Greek, Irish and Portuguese fail to meet their debts.

I await the squirming of all the mainstream politicians who supported this lunacy but down here on Planet Earth I would like to see the promised 'bonfire of quangos' when the EU money dries up. What are all these 'Common Purpose' wasters going to do then? Believe you me the Quango industry is immense! There are hundreds of them all employing large well paid staffs. The chickens are coming home to roost!

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