Saturday, 17 September 2011

What next in our farcical Legal System?

Day after day we can open our daily paper and wonder what has happened to justice and common sense. Someone somewhere is appointing people to the bench who appear totally out of touch with the modern society. We regularly see puny sentencing which only encourages the criminal and was highlighted in the recent national riots. Most of those who ransacked the shops already had criminal records as long as their arms.

Today I read that a judge presiding over a child rape case 'released' a member of the jury because it was her 21st birthday and she had appointments at beauty salons! Can anyone credit the lunacy of that decision? Anyone on jury service can request a postponement for legitimate reasons. Birthdays however, can hardly be regarded as legitimate...bad luck of course but let us be serious for a moment. Children have been raped! A man's whole life could be at stake! These are very grave charges which merit serious consideration. The birthday of a juror surely does not come into the question?

This judge, in my opinion and clearly in the opinion of many others, has demeaned his office and should himself be discharged.  His appointment was said to have 'split opinions'. I am not surprised!  

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