Saturday, 3 September 2011

Care for the Elderly

Two days ago I posted about the situation regarding my 95 year old mother who despite being so frail and forgetful was pronounced by Social Services as not being 'substantially' in need of care. I informed the assessor at the time that her decision was likely to cause my mother suffering in the future.

This morning we received the inevitable call that she had fallen overnight and her morning carer and found her on the floor. This had the knock on effect that the home had to call the paramedics who had to admit her to hospital. This will mean an extra strain on A &E and the additional resources required to process her through X Ray and a ward before we, once again, have to bring her back to her room (a round trip in this day and age of 30 miles). This is the fourth time this year that we have gone through this procedure!

The politicians and their Bonus Class employees in the public services are happy to squander our taxes in this way rather than keeping the essential care homes open. The manner in which we treat our elderly is not worthy of a third world country and remember we will all get old.

Billions is spent on the workshy some of whom have never earned a taxable income in their lives but the elderly must suffer even though they have probably worked all their lives, never mind fought in the wars that the politicians revel in. The inequality in modern day society is a scandal that those in Westmonster should be ashamed of. The problem is that only those involved seem to care.

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