Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Trade Unions

Two headlines caught my eye this morning both relating to Trade Union activity. The first banner headline in the Daily Mail predicted that train drivers were to be rewarded just to ensure that they turn up for work during the Olympics! Nice work if you can get it but surely once the other unions realise that the politicians can be threatened and money for bribes is available then they will all be at it? This is a treacherous act of cowardice but consistent of the fear that someone will wreck the Olympics.

Then I read that 300 TU bosses and their Shadow Cabinet colleagues shamelessly spent over £10000 on one meal at a luxury eating/drinking establishment described as being 'one of London's most decadent bars'. What I cannot understand is that they will lavish this opulent lifestyle on themselves and then smugly appear in public claiming that they represent 'The Working Class'.

These champagne socialists are a disgrace to the union movement and I wonder why traditional union members continue to fund this scandal. Why would an average worker pay union subscriptions just to see it squandered on a lifestyle out of reach for most of them?

They also appear to be hellbent on destroying what is left of our national identity. They are planning strikes on a huge scale particularly where education is concerned. By the way have you seen the behaviour of striking teachers? These people purport to be teachers! I do wonder where Maggie Thatcher is when you need her? It is time that the government refound the conservative determination to tackle these thugs and it is also time that the 'Working Class' took a close look at the Trade Union leadership and their motives.

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