Thursday, 8 September 2011

Joan Collins for Prime Minister!

Joan Collins's heaven and hell
Joan Collins

I am currently watching 'The Wright Stuff' and I have been astonished. The last person that I would have credited with 'intelligence' would have been Joan Collins. I always had the impression that she led a vacuous life and was self obsessed. This of course is the impression that I have gained from her publicity and her career. My life is a million miles from her life and there is absolutely no way that our paths could have crossed.

Suddenly however, I found my self cheering her pronouncements. She has been criticising the European Union, the squandering of Foreign Aid and talking such common sense that it is so refreshing. She is of course of an age that she will remember when we did not put foreign causes above our own people.

She remembers life before the EU, before Common Purpose and before the Town Hall fatcats ruled our lives with their own vindictive sense of duty. She remembers life before traffic lights (on every street corner) and speed ramps, she probably remembers police on the streets and proper prison sentences... in short she is old enough ro remember common sense!

I am so impressed and I only wish that she would use her power and influence more often. This is the voice of reason that the country needs. She could be the author of this blog...and would probably do it much better!!

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SAB said...

I also caught her on the One Show when she brought up the EU again as part of a sly remark. She was also asked to comment on the recent riots. Go Joan!