Monday, 12 September 2011

The Right Wing is wakening up!

Ever since the Conservative Party aligned with the Lib Dems to form a Coalition I have been uneasy about the Alliance. The only reason that I have ever countenanced this alliance is that it prevented the appalling NoLab party another opportunity to pillage the economy.

Having said that I must agree with Nadine Dorries (Conservative MP) that the current PM appears to be, all too willingly, ditching his election promises and Conservative values to keep Nick Clegg happy. The tail is all too viciously wagging the dog and at long last the Conservative MPs appear to be losing patience with their leader.

This is absolutely not what the electorate wanted when they voted 'Conservative'. They almost unilaterally voted for a return to nationalism. They did not vote for an increase in the EU budget, they did not vote for the 'ringfencing' of International Aid (International waste of taxpayer's money!) and they did not vote for a continuation of the banker's benefit society or the bloated welfare system. They, in the main, voted for a return to common sense and a return to traditional family values.

David Cameron got a vote because he campaigned on family issues. He is clearly a family man and exudes the traditional values that we all maintain. The mainstream media may campaign through their jaundiced columns that 'gay' is normal, that muslim extremism should be tolerated and that 'the travellers' should be allowed not to  travel and then desecrate the countryside. I really have nothing against gays, muslims or travellers but they must not be used as a stick to beat us all with. They are what they are and unless they step outside of the law (that of course is always the questionP) they should be accorded all the respect that their calling deserves.

It does not wash because we are British and although we can see what has happened to us we do not understand why anyone wants to ruin a democratic society. We have actually been under the same attack that Gadaffi has faced but without the bullets although I suspect that the same protaganists have campaigned against us. That is right ...the same forces that have attacked Colonel Gadaffi are also trying to bring our society into the gutter. I mad can that be? 

Suddenly a few Tory MPs have decided to find courage. Some of them are questioning the political aspirations of David Cameron and wondering where his Tory commitment has gone? Heh get with it guys! I have questioned this for many months. Go to my many posts on David Cameron over the past year and discover how behind the times the MSM is? Dave is not a Conservative but then I don't know where his loyalty lies and that is the problem!

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