Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The killing of Osama Bin Laden?

I am currently watching a Channel Four documentary about the killing of Osama bin  Laden. I have probably never seen such a propaganda programme. It is horrendous because it has been contrived and frankly it makes me sick that they can put out this kind of crap in the mainstream media.

Let me explain... there is not a SHRED of evidence to support that he was killed. No video, no still photographs no body, just a few contrived images that makes everyone believe that he has been killed. 

I am sorry but seeing is believing... if they had really killed him then we would have seen the pictures. There is no evidence anywhere that the American Seals killed Osama bin Laden. They had every opportunity to take at least one photograph of a dead Osama. He was the most wanted man on the planet and yet there are no photographs of his dead body.

This programme illustrated that there was a camera man tracking every move of the heroic Seals but there is no footage of the downed American helicopter. There is nothing to prove the whole raid! It was contrived to prop up the Obama government. Sorry everyone but this whole episode only illustrates the desperation of the Political Class and the Channel Four programme proved it. If you disagree then show me the evidence!

On the evidence of this I have created a new label called 'Who do we believe'. I think that I will be using it quite often!!

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SAB said...

In a world where absolutely everything gets some kind of coverage, from Tomahawk's flying into Bagdad to dancing cats on You Tube, I was also left totally unconvinced at the lack of ANY evidence. If it really happened they would have something, even a momentum of the occasion like an item of clothing... anything!, but alas nothing at all. I don't believe it!