Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ken Clarke or David Howard?

Ken Clarke has horrified the traditional right wing Tory support by advocating that we reduce the prison population and search for alternative methods of punishing the criminal. Iain Duncan-Smith is currently advocating on 'Question Time' that we have a problem by just locking up kids who have never had a chance in life. The kids on the 'sink' estates who have no family support which is of course dependent on that support.

The real problem is that prison is not what most of us regard as prison. Most of the major criminals live a life that they really could never afford on the outside and that is why their existence costs us so much. We have provided the criminal with luxury accommodation and it must cease. They are provided with every luxury imaginable. That is the problem along with the drug culture.

I cannot believe that prison officers could not prevent the importation of drugs if they were ordered to stop it. They have decided that this drug culture in prisons cannot be stopped... it has to be stopped! Prison should become prison yet again and not a socially convenient environment which allows the career criminal a convenient rest from their profession and a chance to indoctrinate the vulnderable.

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Julian said...

I couldn't agree more on that. Why can't prisons return to a bare cell with a window, a bed and a bucket?